• girl holding skinny cleanse

    Quick Cleanses

    Lose weight, detox, and reset your diet fast.

  • Long-Term Results

    Proven methods for sustainable results.

  • Build a Box

    Customize a box with your favorite flavors.

  • trail mix and juices

    Get Healthy

    Great choices to live a healthier lifestyle.


See & feel results quickly.

Cleanses are a great way to start feeling better fast. The goal of a cleanse is to make a clean break with your old habits and flood your body with lots of real nutrients so you start to look and feel better quickly.

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Sustainable results

Proven methods for long-term success.

Our nutritionist-developed programs are designed to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle for the long-term. From our post-cleanse Stay Skinny Method to our 90-day Signature Reset, we have the tools to help you see life-changing results.

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Build your own box.

Keep your favorite juices, smoothies, and snacks on hand to have healthy and quick meal and snack options.


Healthy options

100% Plant-based.

A daily green juice or smoothie, or upgrading your snacking routine to a plant-based protein bar, can be an easy way to step towards your health goals.

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