We're more than cold-pressed juice.

We're the start to a healthier you, routed in simple daily habits. Because small steps lead to lasting changes. Big commitments not necessary.

Behind the Brand

Many people don't realize how much food, and every single ingredient in our food, affects our bodies. From how we feel, to how we look, to how we sleep. We believe that when you put real food into your body, real results will happen. But we know eating perfect all the time just isn't realistic.

So that's not what we're selling. Instead, we're here to provide simple solutions, based around real-food, to make you feel your best while you still live your life. No fancy app or elimination diet required. Just a green juice a day. Or a plant-based smoothie. Now that's something you can stick to.

Behind the Products

These 5 beliefs are everything to us and guide us each day as a company. 

1. Clean ingredients matter. The ingredients we use are so clean you don’t have to read the label. Always raw, free of preservatives, made without artificial ingredients, and never HPP’d (High Pressure Processed). 

2. It better taste good. Like really good. Because if it isn't enjoyable, you won't stick with it. 

3. If it doesn't provide real results, we won't sell it. Every product is a specially formulated recipe with specific benefits in mind. And we test our products first to make sure that they work.

4. Convenience is key to success. That's why we ship our products frozen right to your door. So you aren't under pressure to consume them before they expire.

5. Healthy should be affordable. If you compare the cost of common fast food options and the nutritional value they provide (usually none), drinking a green juice a day seems like a no-brainer.

Behind the Family

“In early 2010 my family was rocked when my grandmother, Nani, was diagnosed with Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer,"says Jess Rosen, co-founder and Certified Holistic Health Coach.

"While sitting with my grandmother at her chemo appointment I came across a book that changed everything. The concept was simple: plant-based foods contain a wide variety of nutrients that help the body heal itself.  

I immediately dove in and spent most of my free time learning as much about plant-based, whole food nutrition as possible.

After my Nani passed, I knew this simple concept, that plants have the power to heal, was so important that I wanted to create something that would not only help myself and my family, but others like me who wanted to live a long and healthy life.”

Going Since 2012

Bill and Jess, father and daughter, and the rest of the Raw Generation team have been delivering the highest quality cleanses, juices, smoothies, and snacks across America since 2012. Almost a decade later, we’re still working every day to connect with customers and create a healthier future. Our team pays close attention to your feedback because we prioritize continuous improvement and your complete satisfaction.