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Relaunching Our Brand

At Raw Generation, we pride ourselves in the fact that we listen to our customers and do our best to help them along their wellness journeys. We read every review. We answer each question. We hear YOUR voice. With that in mind, we have revamped our brand and offerings to help you embark on a healthier lifestyle and reach your health goals in a way that is simple, attainable, and effective.

  • girl holding skinny cleanse

    Cleanses for Quick Results

    This is where you can jumpstart your healthier lifestyle and see some quick results. The goal of a cleanse is to make a clean break with your old habits and flood your body with real nutrients so you start to look and feel better quickly. (We see people lose an average of 5 pounds with just a 3-day cleanse) - but don’t stop here!

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    Green Juice & Smoothie Packs for Daily Wellness

    You made the step to do a reset and get some results with a cleanse, now continue getting results with a simple healthy habit - one green juice or smoothie every day.  It’s as simple as that. No need to spend your time juicing, blending, or cleaning up the mess. We do all the hard work for you. 

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    Plant-Based Meals & Snacks for a Healthier Lifestyle

    These are your grab-n-go options so that you always have something delicious and nutritious on hand when hunger hits.  We love using juices as snacks, smoothies as meal replacements, and our No B.S. Bars and Trail Mix for when life is super-crazy and we need some quick fuel on the run.

Meet Lisa Testa Our In-house Holistic Nutritionist

We now have a plant-based nutritionist on staff at Raw Generation who is revamping our current products and creating new offerings with your optimum health in mind.  Her testimonial speaks to the types of results we believe in and see when our customers add more “raw” to their lives with our products.

My name is Lisa Testa and I am a Holistic Nutritionist. I have eaten a raw diet for over 17 years and have seen tremendous weight loss (struggling to stay a size 8 to an easy-to-maintain size 2), better skin, clearer thinking, and more energy than I ever thought possible. 

After working for years with clients at all different stages of health, I know firsthand the immense benefits that come with adding even a little more “raw” into your life. My top recommendation to every single client?  Drink one green smoothie (or juice) every single day.  Make small changes and see how they start to majorly impact your health.