Which Cleanse Will Work Best For You?

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A cleanse is a great way to get your diet back on track and start feeling good about yourself again. But which one to choose?

Whatever your health goals may be, whether it's weight loss, detox, or kick starting healthy habits, Raw Generation has a cleanse tailored to fit your needs. 

Let me break down our 3 cleanses for you, so that you can choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and health goals.

The Skinny Cleanse®

The Skinny Cleanse® is America’s #1 best-selling juice cleanse and is designed for healthy, quick weight loss. Your body will flush out toxins while it’s being flooded with real nutrients from fresh cold-pressed juices.

After a consumer survey, customers reported losing an average of 5 pounds with the 3-Day option and 8 pounds with the 5-Day option*.

In this cleanse, you’ll drink 6 refreshing cold-pressed juices, ideally starting your day with one of the delicious green juices. Don’t worry these green juices do not taste like your typical grassy green juice. In fact, our best-selling flavor, Sweet Greens, just so happens to be a green juice. You’ll also enjoy other delicious fruit and veggie blends with carrot, pineapple, orange, beet, and more.

This is a great “entry level” cleanse to try and learn the ropes about healthy eating and kick starting healthier habits, to get to those long-term weight loss results. 

Lose Weight With The Skinny Cleanse®

The Protein Cleanse

The Protein Cleanse is designed for people who like to workout while they cleanse.  Each day you’ll drink 38g of plant-based protein. This will allow you to enhance workout results while also cleansing for weight loss.

The difference between the protein content in this cleanse versus other plant-based options on the market is that we use 100% protein from whole foods, like nuts and seeds. We never use protein powders or soy isolates, as these processed proteins often also come along with additives like added sugars, gums, and inflammatory oils, which can hinder weight loss goals and are detrimental to your health.

In this cleanse, you’ll drink 3 cold-pressed vegetable and fruit juices to start your day and finish the day with 3 delicious, protein-packed smoothies… Sweet, creamy, and satisfying.

If you generally eat clean and regularly move your body, this is a surefire way to start seeing some more muscle toning in the healthiest way possible.

Workout While You Cleanse

Lower Sugar* Detox Cleanse

With 47% less sugar, 6 bottles of greens and 47g of plant-based protein per day, the Lower Sugar* Detox Cleanse is a nutritional powerhouse designed for real weight loss and detox results. (And if you would like to have a smoothie that tastes just like a Wendy’s Frosty…this is the cleanse for you).

This cleanse is a great option to break those sugar cravings, improve gut health, clear your skin, improve focus and mental clarity and lose some weight. The hero ingredient? Well, there are two; chlorophyll and yacon root.

Dark, leafy greens are rich in chlorophyll which work wonders for your overall health. From glowing skin to cutting unwanted cravings, chlorophyll does it all. 

Yacon is a South American root vegetable that is considered a superfood and is known for its beneficial probiotic properties, making it a great gut-friendly addition to your health-arsenal. 

WIth this cleanse, you’ll drink 4 cold-pressed green juices, including the fan-favorite, Strawberry Greens. You’ll also drink 2 delicious plant-based smoothies to keep you full, cut cravings and gently detox.

Detox and Lose Weight With Lower Sugar*

Cleanse For 2

Does trying a cleanse alone intimidate you? Cleanse with your lover or BFF. Maximize your results and get additional support from the people you feel most comfortable with.

Sometimes you need a little push and if you’re one of those people, then the Cleanse for 2 option is best for you. 

With the Cleanse for 2 option, you and your cleansing buddy will have the option to pick one of our three best-selling 5-day cleanses: the Skinny Cleanse, the Protein Cleanse, or the Lower Sugar* Detox Cleanse, all at a great cost savings!

Together you can share your goals, take accountability, communicate, and succeed. Not to mention, when you cleanse with a partner, you’ll also save a ton of money–cha-ching.

Succeed and Save With Cleanse For 2

Find Your Cleanse

No matter what your health goals are, each cleanse has been designed to fit a specific goal. 

Whether its weight loss with the Skinny Cleanse, amplifying your workouts with the Protein Cleanse, or flooding your system with detoxifying greens on the Lower Sugar* Detox Cleanse, you can’t go wrong no matter which you choose.

Ready to kickstart a healthier, revitalized version of yourself? Choose your ideal cleanse with Raw Generation today and embark on a transformative journey towards achieving your wellness goals.

Find Your Cleanse And Get Results

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