Is it Bad to Freeze Celery Juice?

Celery sticks

With the celery juice trend showing no signs of slowing down, we want to address one of the most common concerns we hear...

“Isn’t it bad to freeze celery juice?”

Why We Freeze 

Yes, we at Raw Generation do freeze our celery juice along with all of our other juices and smoothies. It’s the best way for us to lock in the flavor, freshness, and the nutritional value of our products and get them to you. 

Freezing our juices also makes it super convenient for YOU because you can keep them in the freezer for up to 6 months, and there’s no pressure to start drinking your juices as soon as they get delivered. Just take them out to thaw when you’re ready to drink them.

“...But the Medical Medium says you have to drink celery juice fresh!”

You’re right, but the Medical Medium also says that the second-best option is to freeze your celery juice... And when it comes to celery juice, he seems to be the guru to follow.

Full disclosure: The absolute best way to consume celery juice is immediately after it has been juiced. But let’s be real. It’s SO time-consuming to make your own juice every day, and drinking celery juice is meant to be daily practice- not a quick fix. Like all healthy habits, you have to repeat it on the regular in order to actualize real effects. 

That being said, who has the time or motivation to wake up in the morning to wash and chop and juice celery first thing every. single. damn. day? And then spend even more time to take apart the juicer and scrub all of the crevices... EVERY DAY?? Most of us have jobs or classes, kids to get to school, dogs to walk, errands to run, sanity to maintain... it's just not realistic for most of us humans with real lives to slave over a juicer that often. 

This is why we offer our Daily Celery Juice Wellness Pack

So is it bad to freeze celery juice? NO. Freezing is the best option to get fresh celery juices from us to you without destroying the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, or flavor! It’s also superior to other methods of preservation like high-pressure processing and pasteurization, which damage the nutritional value and taste of the juice. The raw cold-pressed celery juices you receive, once thawed, are as good as if they were made a few minutes ago.

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