Can Cold-Pressed Juice Be Frozen?

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If you’ve ever ordered from Raw Generation, you may wonder why you received a box of frozen juices on your doorstep. Or maybe you’re new here and wondering why we have thawing instructions.

That’s because we freeze our cold-pressed juice at Raw Generation, and yes, it is totally okay to do so.

You may ask questions like, “Well, isn’t it supposed to be fresh?” or “Doesn’t freezing fresh juice destroy the nutrient content?” And these are very valid questions to ask.

Freezing is an integral part of our process; without it, we would not be who we are today. Let’s dive into why...

Our Process

Before freezing, we source the highest quality ingredients, like fresh fruits and veggies.

Each ingredient gets a thorough wash and is run through our cold-press juicer, separating the fruit and vegetable pulp from the liquid gold, AKA raw juice. Heat is never used during this process (unlike other companies that may use centrifugal juicers, which impacts the quality of the juice).

Every recipe is bottled immediately into BPA-free bottles. It is then put into a blast freezer, a special freezer that freezes extremely quickly, preserving all nutrients and enzymes present in our juices and smoothies.

Our juices are shipped frozen and sent directly to your doorstep.

Benefits of Freezing Cold Pressed Juice Vs. Other Methods

Flash Freezing

The flash freezing process is the superior option for preserving raw juices naturally.

Flash freezing locks all nutritional value of your juice, preserving nutrients, minerals, and enzymes in your juice—think of it like a nutritional time capsule. The key is freezing these juices immediately because the longer they sit out, the more nutrients they lose. With this method, No preservatives are necessary.

Freezing is also the most natural way to store juices without harsh chemical additives and preservatives. This makes our juices TRULY raw. Plus, If we didn’t freeze our raw juices, oxidation would be a serious spoiler, preventing us from being able to ship them straight to your door.

Freezing juice is the only way to preserve flavor without additives and chemicals.


Pasteurization is a process that is typically used to heat milk or juice products to extend shelf life by preserving them for an unnatural amount of time, as well as killing potential pathogens. The liquid is heated at high temperatures and then quickly cooled off.

Although you may find conflicting evidence out there, this process can negatively impact the integrity of the juice from nutritional content, like vitamins and minerals, to flavor profile.

This causes companies to add synthetic or fortified vitamins, like vitamin C and vitamin D. The significant change in flavor forces them to add refined sugars, turning a healthy product into a processed one.

High-Pressure Processing (HPP)

High-pressure processing (HPP) is a process that uses high pressure and water to sterilize juice. This method is used in juices, smoothies, purees, cooked meat products, and milk. If you see “cold-pressed” juice in a retail store refrigerator, it is 100% HPP’d unless the store juiced it on site.

Although no heat is directly used here, like in pasteurization, the high pressure raises the temperature and can kill off beneficial enzymes and nutrients in the juice, negatively impacting flavor.

Grocery Store-Deception

All fruit and vegetable juices you see on the shelves at your local grocery store, from orange juice, apple juice, and green juice, have been pasteurized and altered, even ones marked as “raw.”

There is no way for store-bought juices to be truly raw. Stores do not have the time or capacity to juice and bottle their product or to try and keep them from spoiling. Plus, they order a lot of products from third-party vendors. There is no way for true raw juice to last on a shelf for a month unless it is chemically altered, heated, or treated through pasteurization and HPP.

Not to mention that the majority of juice in the store is “from concentrate,” meaning that the water from the fruit is removed, and natural flavors, refined sugars, food additives, and preservatives are added to their big batch of deception.

Unfortunately, these chemical processes are used for some juice cleanses on the market. We are one of the very few companies doing juice and doing it right— With Raw Generation, all you have to do is order, defrost, and sip real juice.

Our Juice Verse Theirs

Here are examples of two green juices. The first one is store-bought. The second one is juice processed at our facility.



The ingredients truly speak for themselves here. At Raw Generation, we never heat or treat our juices. This means there is no need to add flavors, juices from concentrate, synthetic vitamins, colors, sugars, and so on.

If you’re looking for 100% raw and fresh juice with all minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants intact, check out our tasty Morning Celery juice. Experience glowing skin and a healthy gut, and flood your system with all the beneficial properties celery has to offer.

Get Real Benefits With Morning Celery

How To Defrost Safely

Because we refrain from harsh chemical practices, there is some minimal work required on your part. Don’t worry; they're just some basic safety protocols.

  • Your juice will arrive frozen. Store them in your freezer right away.

  • Defrost your juices as needed. Leave them in the fridge overnight. This could take anywhere from 24-48 hours, depending on the temperature of your fridge.

  • Never drink juice that has been left at room temperature for extended periods of time.

  • If your juices and smoothies defrost a little in transit, that’s okay. As long as there is still ice inside the bottle, they are still safe to consume.

For more information about safety, visit our FAQ section, located underneath each product.

Flash Frozen To Perfection

The decision to freeze our cold-pressed juices at Raw Generation is not just a practical choice but a commitment to preserving the integrity of every nutrient, mineral, and enzyme in our beverages.

While other methods like pasteurization and high-pressure processing may compromise nutritional content and flavor, our flash freezing technique acts as a nutritional time capsule, ensuring that you receive the true benefit of cold-pressed juices.

The comparison between our ingredient list and that of store-bought juices highlights the purity of our approach—no synthetic vitamins, no refined sugars, just real food found in nature.

If you're looking for real juice with real benefits, check out our delicious green juices and smoothies.

Just one green juice daily is loaded with tons of nutritional benefits, from weight loss to curbing cravings, improving mood and energy, and giving your skin that much-needed glow.

Experience Real Benefits With Real Juice

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