Hibiscus Daily For Weight Loss

Hibiscus Daily For Weight Loss

Hibiscus is not just a beautiful flower.

It’s exactly what you need in your weight loss arsenal. And its benefits bloom far beyond losing weight.

With my experience as a holistic nutritionist for over two decades and understanding the powerful benefits of hibiscus (and yummy taste), I knew I needed to create a product out of this pretty plant.

Hence, the Skinny Boost was born, a tiny 4 oz shot with a BIG benefit for weight loss and overall well-being.

Experience Weight Loss And Wellness With The Skinny Boost™ Shot

What is Hibiscus?

Hibiscus is a flower that comes from the hibiscus plant. This plant is primarily grown in the tropics or subtropics of Fiji, Asia, Hawaii, and India. When you think hibiscus, think of a Hawaiian lei.

The hibiscus plant is most commonly used as an herbal tea but can also be processed into hibiscus extract or powder.

The hibiscus flower has a pleasant, tangy flavor (in my opinion, it’s so yummy it doesn’t even need a sweetener). It also has a beautiful, vibrant pink color to it.

Beauty aside, this plant is known for many uses. One of the most common is hibiscus tea, which is made from Hibiscus Sabdariffa, also known as Roselle.

The hibiscus flower has been used in the culinary arts and traditional medicine due to its many potential health benefits.

Health Benefits of Hibiscus

Hibiscus is known for its many health benefits, which is the very reason I made it a main ingredient in the Skinny Boost™.

Hibiscus is loaded with antioxidants known as polyphenols. Polyphenols found in Hibiscus sabdariffa L contain anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer abilities. Hibiscus’ antioxidant properties are also great for liver health and relieve the body of oxidative stress, free radicals, and cell damage, which are responsible for many chronic diseases [1]. Hibiscus can even prevent the body from liver steatosis, also known as nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

Heart health and hibiscus go hand-in-hand. Hibiscus is known for its ability to prevent heart disease and lower LDL cholesterol levels and triglycerides. Human studies have shown that consuming hibiscus on a regular basis could actually reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. This study also showed that anyone with high blood pressure can safely consume hibiscus to lower blood pressure with no side effects. [2]

Looking to support your immune system with something that actually tastes good? Hibiscus is the go-to for immunity. No need for potent immunity shots when hibiscus is naturally full of anti-viral properties against the cold and flu [3].

How Does Hibiscus Work For Weight Loss?

This tiny shot was made with big intention. As a holistic nutritionist, I carefully selected every ingredient with intention.

Each one enhances your body’s natural ability to improve digestion, kickstart metabolism, and shed body weight.

Yes, these little bottles pack a pretty big punch - not only in flavor but also in weight loss benefits. Anyone watching their waistline will benefit from a daily dose of hibiscus. With its natural ability to shed body fat and anti-obesity properties, drinking just one little bottle daily means you’ll easily shed belly fat [4].

All you do need to do is drink one delicious (Actually…”delicious” does not even describe how good this flavor is. It has become a company favorite!)  Skinny Boost™ shot before eating any heavy-cooked meals and let the ingredients work their magic.

  • Pineapple - Eases digestion to eliminate bloat through its bromelain content, a natural digestive enzyme found in pineapple.

  • Apple - Aids digestion & wards off sweet cravings.

  • Ginger - Boosts metabolism & enhances calorie burn.

  • Lime - Boosts metabolism & reduces fat storage in the body.

  • Hibiscus - Improves the body’s fat-burning ability due to its flavonoid content.

This is why I recommend the Stay Skinny Method™, a post-cleanse weekly weight management system, to anyone trying to lose weight. Part of the Stay Skinny Method™ guidelines is to drink one Skinny Boost™ shot every evening 10 minutes before dinner. This is to help ease digestion and eliminate the bloating that often comes with eating heavier meals.  

Drink Hibiscus Daily And Lose Weight

How Much Hibiscus Should I Drink To Lose Weight?

With most things in life, consistency is key.

Incorporating the Skinny Boost™ shot into your daily routine means you’ll get the full benefits of hibiscus's metabolism-boosting and appetite-regulating properties.

Feel free to have one shot before a heavy meal (usually dinner time) to prepare your stomach for digestion and prevent weight gain.

Nutritionist Tip: And if you know you’ll be out with friends for dinner, be sure to use this shot as your girl’s night-out secret weapon for easy digestion and to prevent that out-to-eat bloating.

Hibiscus Tea Vs. Skinny Boost™ Shot

The benefits of hibiscus tea are undeniable. Hibiscus tea can help manage blood sugar, is full of antioxidants like vitamin C, and is great for your liver health as it protects against liver disease even and liver damage. The downside of hibiscus tea? It’s inconvenient, and some of the benefits can get destroyed in the heating process if you’re not careful [5]

The process of brewing a cup of hibiscus tea demands time, effort, and a certain level of expertise. From brewing and steeping to waiting for the tea to cool, 20 minutes can go by in the blink of an eye. And time is a luxury not everyone can afford between kids, work, and life’s laundry list of “to-do’s.” Not to mention that overheating or over-steeping can actually destroy some of the benefits of the tea. How many people actually check the temperature when they brew tea? Not many.

The Skinny Boost™ shot is convenient. And all the benefits are preserved because it’s meant to be enjoyed cold. All you have to do is thaw, sip, and reap the many benefits hibiscus has to offer, like boosting your metabolism, enhancing weight loss, helping with digestion, improving heart health, improving your immune system, and more. No steeping or wasting time is necessary here.

A recent study showed that cold hibiscus actually lowered blood pressure and hypertension; this is because hibiscus has naturally occurring diuretic properties [6].

Blossom Into a Healthier You with the Skinny Boost™

Whoever said that good things come in small packages must’ve known about the Skinny Boost™.

With hibiscus at the forefront, the Skinny Boost™ shot offers flavor, antioxidants, heart support, immune health, and weight loss enhancement.

Pineapple, apple, ginger, lime, and hibiscus make a healthy and tasty addition to your wellness journey.

Raw Generation makes it easy for you. There’s no need to mess with hot water or teabags. Just thaw, sip, and experience the benefits.

Sip hibiscus daily, and watch your overall health bloom. When you bundle the Skinny Cleanse and the Stay Skinny Method, not only will you experience the many benefits, but you’ll save money, too!

Boost Weight Loss And Save



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