How to Stop Sugar Cravings

How to Stop Sugar Cravings

Living life with a sweet tooth can be a never-ending vicious cycle of snacking and regret. You finish your dinner. Then suddenly, the intense cravings for a sweet treat strike. You cave. And eat not just one scoop of ice cream but an entire pint of it yourself. You are overcome by guilt, shame, and, worst of all—weight gain.

This scenario is familiar to many, but what if I told you it didn’t have to be? What if I told you there is a way to stop sugar cravings completely?

With the Lower Sugar* Detox Cleanse, you can easily stop sugar cravings, detox, and lose weight. And best of all, you don’t have to quit sugar cold turkey.

Cut Cravings, Detox, And Lose Weight With The Lower Sugar* Detox Cleanse

Why You Crave Sugar

There’s a reason why you crave sugary foods, and it’s not just because they taste good. That’s only a small part of the equation. Intense sugar cravings mean one of two things: you’re deficient in nutrients, OR your taste buds have been hi-jacked by chemical additives and flavorings.

Your body speaks to you through symptoms. Intense food cravings can be a symptom of nutrient deficiencies. Listen to your body’s cues. When you’re craving sugar, it means you need more fruit. And when you’re craving salt, it means you need more greens. It’s as simple as that.

Added sugars, like high fructose corn syrup or refined table sugar are much different than natural sugars found in fruit. They undergo a harsh chemical process of heating and treating. Because of this, these foods impact the brain, making them highly addictive.

Consuming refined sugar regularly triggers the release of dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter associated with the “pleasure and reward” part of your brain. Processed sugar consumption leads to a vicious cycle of craving and reward. This cycle creates a similar brain pattern as someone who does opiates. Shocking, I know... but there’s a reason why they call it a “sugar high.” [1]

Sweet Sabotage: The Dangers of Refined Sugars and How They Can Sabotage Your Health

While you may feel good in the moment of indulgence, refined sugar is not worth it.

This type of sugar is found in processed foods and drinks, like candy, cookies, cakes, pies, baked goods, cereals, soft drinks, energy drinks, and coffee creamer. It’s even found in places you wouldn’t expect, like savory condiments and sauces, as well as marketed “health foods,” like salad dressings, oatmeal, granola, and yogurt.

The sad reality is more likely than not if you’re eating something from a box—there’s refined added sugar in it. The average American consumes about 17 teaspoons of added sugars from a processed source each day [2]. That’s 270 empty calories of additives, preservatives, flavorings, and virtually no nutritional value—the donut isn’t worth it!

It’s no secret that these sugars are responsible for some hefty health issues when consumed regularly. Here are just some of the issues with including processed sugars in your diet:

  • Weight Gain - Weight gain is the number one offender when it comes to consuming processed sugar regularly. This is due to its high-calorie content but lack of nutrients.
    This contributes to a lack of satiety, causing individuals to consume more calories without feeling full, hence contributing to obesity [3].

  • Type 2 Diabetes - Regularly consuming refined sugar can cause insulin resistance, a key factor in developing type 2 diabetes. This happens when your body’s cells don't respond properly to insulin, affecting blood sugar regulation.

  • Energy Fluctuations - Rapid spikes and crashes in blood sugar levels are a result of consuming these processed foods. Your body digests refined sugar at a very fast pace due to a lack of nutrients. Take note of how you feel the next time you have a sugary cereal for breakfast. A study conducted amongst college students showed that people who consumed refined sugar in excess expressed poor quality and even a lack of sleep in some cases [4].

  • Increased Risk of Heart Disease - Eating too many sweet foods has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease. It may elevate blood pressure, triglycerides, and inflammation, all factors that can contribute to heart issues.

  • Weaker Immunity - Diets consisting of processed sugars increase the risk of a poorly functioning immune system. This happens because sugar can cause inflammation in the gut. And most of your gut is located in your immune system.

  • Gut Health Issues: Imbalances in the gut that cause bloating or digestive distress can be a result of a diet high in processed sugars.

Break Up With Sugar: Curb Sugar Cravings

Like a bad boyfriend, refined sugar is best left alone.

As a holistic nutritionist with over 20 years in the holistic health and wellness space, here are some tried and true tips and tricks on how you can break up with processed sugar:

  • Get your daily dose of green juice - If you want to curb cravings, flood your system with cold-pressed green juice first thing in the morning. The chlorophyll present in green juice means you’ll cut cravings like a pro. Leafy green juices are loaded with nutrients and antioxidants that destroy cravings instantaneously and flood your body with the good stuff. Get in the habit of green juice and watch your bad habit (and the weight) melt away.

  • Hydrate - Alongside nutritional deficiencies, dehydration can also cause intense sugar cravings. Hydrate with plenty of water, raw cold-pressed juices, herbal teas, and our truly raw coconut water.  One coconut water a day keeps the dehydration away!

  • Skip artificial sweeteners - Artificial sweeteners and sugar-free products are just as bad as refined sugars. Both are heavily processed. They don’t call them “artificial” for no reason. You’re better off consuming sugar from healthy carbohydrates, like fruits and raw honey, date sugar/syrup, and maple syrup, as opposed to synthetic chemical sweeteners.

  • Eat Healthy - Healthy eating is key here. When you implement a whole-food diet, not only will it encourage weight loss, you’ll just feel so much better. Make sure to eat tons of healthy foods, like fruit and vegetables, healthy carbs like potatoes and healthy whole grains, and cold-pressed juices and smoothies.

  • Magnesium-Max - Magnesium helps to regulate blood sugar levels. When our blood sugars are regulated, we are less likely to have cravings. One issue that many Americans are suffering from is magnesium deficiency. Luckily, healthy fats, like avocados, nuts, seeds, cacao, bananas, and dark leafy greens are all magnesium-rich foods. Nearly all of these foods can be found in the Lower Sugar* Detox Cleanse.

  • Eat or Drink Fresh Fruit - Have a sweet craving? It’s part of the human experience. No one is immune to this. Instead of giving in to a craving with a candy bar, have a bowl of some fresh fruit of your choice. The fiber in fruit will help satisfy your need for something sweet. Fresh fruit is the perfect healthy snack, and you can enjoy it without limits.

  • Treat Yourself to Some Healthy Dessert - Smoothies make a delicious treat. Have a smoothie as a dessert option. Make it fun. Pour it into a pretty glass. Garnish the rim with some fresh strawberries.

  • Manage Your Stress Levels - Like many, I used to be guilty of being a stress eater. When stressed, don’t reach for the candy; instead, go for a walk, journal, or exercise.

  • Prioritize Sleep - Don’t snooze on this tip (no pun intended). Try to prioritize sleep. Go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. You’d be surprised at how much rejuvenating goes on in your gut while you are asleep.

Sugar Found in Nature

Not all companies have integrity. It’s a sad truth.

At Raw Generation, we never use any synthetic sweeteners or refined added sugars of any kind. Our products are 100% raw and real. We naturally sweeten our juices and smoothies with fruits and foods found in nature.

Instead of synthetic sweeteners or refined sugars, we use dates or yacon, a root vegetable from South America. I chose yacon root as a part of the Lower Sugar* Detox Cleanse because of its naturally sweet flavor and low glycemic index. This makes it the perfect option for anyone who wants to detox from processed sugar. And you never have to worry about any blood sugar spikes.

Yacon root is known for its gut-friendly properties. It has naturally occurring prebiotic properties, which contribute to better digestion, detox, and weight loss.

As a part of my job as a holistic nutritionist, I design each and every recipe to be made with the utmost quality and integrity. Each ingredient is carefully chosen with intentionality and benefit in mind so you can get the most out of your cleanse with the best ingredients.

Experience The Benefits of Yacon

Say Goodbye to Refined Sugar

Believe it or not, when you stop eating processed sugar, your tastebuds change. And you begin to actually crave the food that’s good for you. Hard to believe... I know, but I have found it true: my clients agree when they try it for themselves.

You begin to crave good sugars, like a big bowl of berries or cold-pressed fruit juice.

Drop your bad sugar habit and flood your system with real and raw, natural sugars. Detox, lose weight, increase your natural energy, and experience less bloat along the way.

Flood Your System With Natural Sugars When You Try The Lower Sugar* Detox



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