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Eating a big breakfast is as American as eating apple pie.  

Favorites like eggs, cheese, and bacon likely earned that place in America’s heart for good reason. These foods are both delicious and filling, no matter how you combine them.

But, as tasty and appealing as they may be, they should never be eaten in the morning.

In fact, even if you go the healthy route at breakfast and have something like oatmeal with bananas and walnuts, it STILL isn’t an ideal choice for a morning meal, especially if your goal is weight loss. 

I know this can be life-altering information for many people, so let me explain. Whether healthy or not, both of these common breakfast options have one thing in common: fat.

Healthy Fats 

Quality fat is not to be feared. It is essential for the body to function optimally. 

Healthy fats from foods like avocados, extra virgin olive oil, raw nuts, and seeds help keep your heart healthy and can lower bad LDL cholesterol.

Fats are also great for brain health, helping you with brain fog and memory, and can improve mental clarity. Ever wonder why a walnut was shaped like your brain? Because they’re great for brain health!

Healthy fats also help your body absorb important vitamins that keep your skin, hormones, and heart healthy. 

Fat is not your enemy, but how you’re eating fats may be hindering weight loss success.

Time Your Fats Right And Lose Weight

The Raw Truth About Fats

The Raw Truth is WHEN you eat fats can either make or break your ability to lose weight…

As a seasoned nutritionist in the holistic weight loss space, the one rule I tell every one of my clients is NEVER eat your fats early in the day, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. 

Let me explain… Compared to carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables, fats take longer to digest–way longer to digest. And if you are a slow metabolizer (as most people who struggle with weight loss are) - it could take anywhere from 2-6 HOURS for healthy fats to pass from your stomach into the rest of your digestive system. 

This is because fats have a more complex structure. They are made of triglycerides, which need to be broken down by your body into fatty acids and glycerol before your body can even absorb them. 

The digestion of fats happens in your small intestine, where enzymes and bile break down fats into smaller pieces. This process takes time and a ton of energy. And when you have a slow metabolism, your body is using this energy to digest food when it could be burning fat instead.

So think about this the next time you have fats the second you wake up and with every single meal.

Eat Fats The Right Way 

Unlearn everything you know about starting your day with a buttered bagel or eggs for breakfast. 

To lose weight effectively and keep it off for years to come, you need to learn the mentality of eating from “light to heavy” each day.  

  • “Light” refers to light, hydrating foods like fresh fruits, juices, and smoothies. This is optimal for your digestion and is key to successful weight loss.
  • “Heavy” refers to your harder-to-digest foods, like fats and protein. Save fats for a late lunch or dinner option. 

The Stay Skinny Method™, a weekly weight loss system that I developed, teaches you how to eat from light to heavy during the day. 

I can promise you that If your goal is weight loss or if you struggle with poor digestion or bloating, this little change can make a BIG difference.

With this proven method, you can lose 2-3 pounds* every week, reset your digestion, and detoxify your whole body.

Learn, Lose Weight, Reset Digestion, And Detoxify

The Do’s And Don’ts

Another integral part of this weight loss system is how to cook fats. 

Here’s how to cook fats: DON’T. Fats should NEVER be heated. Yes…This even goes for healthy olive oil, too. No oil is healthy when heated.

Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil has plenty of beneficial properties, but once it’s heated, those properties disappear. And not only do they disappear, but the oil becomes detrimental to your health and weight loss. 

Heating any kind of fat changes the chemical composition of the fat. It does not react in your body in the same way raw fat does but can cause damage at the cellular level. So, if you struggle with hormonal fluctuation or have a difficult time losing weight, heated fat is your worst enemy.

That being said, always have your fats raw. Use extra virgin olive oil as a base for a salad dressing. Steam, dry-roast, or use an air fryer instead of cooking in oil. And never use any hydrogenated oils or seed oils, like canola, soybean, or safflower oil. 

When I create meal plans for my nutrition clients, I drive home the point of never cooking in oil.  So when I designed the Stay Skinny Method™  for Raw Generation, I also made this a foundational part of the healthy-eating guidelines. 

Get The Healthy-Eating Guidelines With The Stay Skinny Method™

Timing Is Everything

Timing is everything. And that’s especially true when it comes to eating fats. 

If you want effective weight loss, then understanding the role of fats in your diet is crucial. 

As a holistic nutritionist, a large part of my education in nutrition involved trying dietary therapies like keto, vegan, raw nutrition, and more. You name it–I have tried it

In my success with raw nutrition, I put this very “light to heavy” method to the test, and not only did I lose tons of weight, but I also kept the weight off that I had struggled with losing in previous years. 

This inspired me to create something to teach people who were struggling with their weight, like me. And that is where the groundwork of Stay Skinny Method™ was born. I have been using this methodology on my clients with great success ever since.

Not only will you learn the truth about fats when you try the Stay Skinny Method, but you’ll also get my clean-eating guidelines, an eating-out guide, healthy swaps, a step-by-step guide on how to use the system, and 30+ recipes to help you stay on track. 

It’s a no-brainer for healthy, effective weight loss.

Lose Weight Effectively

*Disclaimer: Results on the Stay Skinny Method may vary as individual experiences differ, but a majority of participants typically achieve weight loss.

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