3 Paleo Tips and Tricks: Eating on the Go

Healthy salmon dinner with shrimp, avocado and spinach

If you’re like the majority of kickass women out there, you’re always out and about running errands, commuting to work, taking the kids to practice, getting groceries, etc. Such a hectic schedule lends itself to crappy eating, and crappy eating lends itself to completely sabotaging your healthy lifestyle, not to mention your waistline.

I don’t want this to happen to you, so here are 3 Paleo tips and tricks I learned for keeping up with a healthy lifestyle in the midst of a busy life.

How to Eat Paleo On the Go:

  1. Keep snacks on you.

Always, always, always keep Paleo-friendly snacks in the car or in your purse (you may need a cooler). I recommend things like a bag of raw nuts or seeds, granola bars (Paleo-approved - not the sweet, half-chocolate kind), a bag of cut veggies or a bag of fresh fruit. Our all-time favorite Paleo on the go snack is of course our green juices and green smoothies. No sugar is EVER added to our juices-- anything you see on the label is from the goodness of fruits and leafy greens.

  1. Order smart at restaurants.

For sit-down restaurants, what you order will depend on what type of restaurant you’re visiting. Here are some examples of meals:

Bar & Grill: a turkey burger without the bun or sauce and a side salad with boiled eggs and no premade dressing; a chicken sandwich without the bun or sauce, with a baked sweet potato on the side (I find coconut oil is a great sub for butter on the potato); or a healthy salad loaded with veggies is great too (if they have avocado, that would be even better to add to your salad)


  • Breakfast joints: Eggs, eggs and more eggs with some veggies and avocado would be a great option; a large fruit cup would be a nice snack
  • Chinese: Steamed veggies and seafood/veggie combos; sushi (if you don’t go crazy on the rice)
  • Mexican: Beef or chicken fajitas sans the fajita and loaded with veggies and a side of guacamole 
  • Italian: Stick with a bare salad with a protein on top
  • Steakhouses: Fill up on the steak and veggies and a sweet potato; if you’re feeling dessert, opt for a fruit cup
  • Deli: Any type of salad with protein; a protein-filled lettuce wrap; other wraps not made of grains (spinach or tomato, for example)


  1. Do your best with what's available to you.

 Don't over-complicate it, or you will stress yourself out and not enjoy the process of becoming healthier! Sometimes, it just isn’t possible to eat Paleo on the go, so do your best with it and remember – Small steps lead to lasting change.

Bio image of article author Lisa Testa, M.S.

With over two decades of expertise in the field of Health & Wellness, Lisa Testa, M.S. is an experienced nutritionist who has dedicated her career to empowering hundreds of clients on their journeys to weight loss and natural healing through the transformative power of raw food nutrition.

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