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The Signature Reset

The Signature Reset

Lose weight & keep it off with a total body reset

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Lose up to 20 pounds* and keep it off permanently with this 90-day weight loss program designed and guided by our nutritionist to help you change your diet and make real lifestyle changes once-and-for-all. Experience a complete reset, including our best-selling juice cleanses, delicious daily green juices & smoothies, and nutritionist guidance for healthy eating habits that will transform your life. Only $11 per day!

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This is not a short-term weight loss diet, but a life-changing transformation. This 90-day program was specifically designed by our nutritionist and tested with this format to be the proven system for long-term weight loss and healthier living. Get this amazing program valued at $2,358 for only $999.99. That's $1,358 in savings!

Jumpstart your weight loss

You'll begin your 90-day program with our most effective 5-day Skinny Cleanse to jumpstart rapid weight loss, detox your system, flood your body with maximum nutrition, and make a clean break from your unhealthy eating habits. It is common to lose over 8 pounds* in the first 5 days of this program after completing your 5-day Skinny Cleanse.

Reset your eating habits

After the cleanse you'll continue with a green juice first thing in the morning and drink a second green juice or green smoothie every day, all while incorporating healthy meal plans and eating habits recommended by our nutritionist. This is not your typical keto, low-fat, scary supplement, 'nutritional science' celebrity trainer reset diet plan - but a brand new approach to natural whole food nutrition backed by years of success in delivering sustainable results.

Boost your weight loss

Mid-way through the program, give your body another quick boost with a 3-day cleanse to shake-up your system and accelerate even more weight loss.

Establish a green routine

Our delicious twice-daily green juices and smoothies are one of the most important parts of your new healthy routine. Why green juices and smoothies? Dark, leafy greens like spinach and kale are nature's prime source of chlorophyll, which is one of the key factors in why this program works so well. If consumed daily, the chlorophyll in greens is proven to restore the hydrochloric acid balance in your stomach, which then allows your body to absorb nutrients properly so you feel better and losing weight becomes easier. Chlorophyll chemically eliminates unhealthy cravings, reduces bloating, improves digestion, improves skin and hair health, and balances hormones.

You'll be amazed at how great you look and feel as you power through workouts with extra energy or relish veggies in a new way, and as you shed body weight and achieve sustained weight loss.

Real support every step of the way

You'll receive direct access to our nutritionist, Lisa, so you can ask any questions you may have. She can provide personalized recommendations to help you achieve your goals. You will also be receiving texts and weekly emails with motivating information and quick, easy, and healthy recipes to make at home. This is important because you can undo all of your success if your lunches and dinners contain weight-gaining ingredients. The recipes your nutritionist will share will help keep the weight off and can even help you continue to lose more weight!

You can do this program & still live your life. We suggest an 80/20 approach that allows you to reach your goals but still enjoy the social aspect of your life. Many dieters fail because the regimens are too difficult to maintain. These weight loss programs are not effective because they don't give you the adequate nutrition or ongoing support needed once your motivation fades. This 90-day reset is the solution to that.

After over a year of development and numerous test participants, we are confident that this program is 100% fail-proof. We don't just give you the tools and then send you on your way. You'll be guided for the entire 90 days, so if you hit a roadblock or get derailed, your nutritionist will be ready to help you get back on track.

Experience real results

A group of participants completed The Signature Reset and after 90 days, these are the results they achieved…

  • ✔ An average of 15-20 pounds lost
  • ✔ 100% reported more energy
  • ✔ 100% reported less or zero bloat
  • ✔ 100% reported better digestion
  • ✔ 92% reported no or less unhealthy cravings
  • ✔ 74% reported improvement in hormone balance

These participants are real people just like you, who all work and have families. This program was designed to fit into your life, no matter how busy you are.

What's Included

(2) Skinny Cleanses

You will start your program with a 5-day Skinny Cleanse to jumpstart your weight loss and make a clean break from any bad eating habits. Around day 45 you'll do another 3-day Skinny Cleanse to give yourself a mid-program boost.

(6) Green Routine Packs

Greens are the secret to making your weight loss stick and the other amazing health benefits you’ll experience. You'll receive delicious green juices and smoothies every 2 weeks - enough to drink 2 bottles a day for the full 90 days. That's 180 bottles!

Exclusive Video eCourse & Quick Guides

You'll gain instant access to a 12-video eCourse taught by Lisa Testa, M.S., our in-house nutritionist and the creator of this program. She will teach you how to lose weight, keep it off, and achieve total-body wellness using her tried and true clean-eating guidelines. Learn about topics like healthy fats, high-fiber diets, carbs (and why low-carb diets aren’t so effective), along with a host of resources to help you make a healthy eating plan to avoid weight gain – without resorting to fad diets, harsh protein powders, or sketchy supplements.  

Individual Nutritionist Support

The key to your long-term success is the ongoing support from your nutritionist, Lisa. Not only will you receive direct access to Lisa to ensure you get all your questions answered, you'll also get personal tips, lifestyle hacks, and motivation via daily texts and weekly emails.

What’s Included

  • Sign up and receive all of the tools necessary to help you lose weight quickly and keep it off once-and-for-all.
  • Welcome Pack with step-by-step program instructions & progress tracker
  • (1) 5-day juice cleanse to start the first phase of the reset diet program
  • (1) 3-day juice cleanse midway through the reset diet
  • Video eCourse with 12 instructional videos from your nutritionist
  • 90 days of Green Routine juices and smoothies (2 per day)
  • 90 days of text support
  • Weekly emails including recipes, tips, and motivation 
  • Ongoing & personalized nutritionist-support
  • 55 delicious and easy-to-make recipes for busy people - simple and delicious soups, salads & sides, full solid meals (including both plant-based and animal protein options), and even healthy sweets.
  • 11 Lifestyle Reference Guides - Eating Out Guide, Meal Prep 101, Healthy Swaps, special considerations for Menopausal and Postpartum women, and more.
  • Free shipping


Can I split the cost over multiple payments?

Yes, you can use Afterpay for your purchase. To use Afterpay:

  • Purchase a gift card here with Afterpay
  • Turn off shipping assurance
  • Use the gift card to purchase The Signature Reset

What if I need to pause in the middle of the program?

This is a 90-day program specifically designed by our nutritionist and tested with this format to be the proven system for long-term weight loss and the best results. We are unable to alter the product shipment schedule or make any substitutions.

When will I receive my first cleanse?

Your first 5-day Skinny Cleanse will be shipped to you the Wednesday after you place your order. You will receive it within 2 days so you can plan on starting your cleanse the following Monday.

Do I receive all of the green juices at once?

No, we will autoship your juices every two weeks for the duration of your 90-day program, so you won't have to worry about storage space in your freezer.

Shipping & Returns

  • Expect 1-3 business day transit time. All orders are shipped Monday - Friday.
  • Free shipping available with Autoship (does not apply to Hawaii or Alaska).
  • Juices will arrive frozen for optimal freshness. Reminder to keep an eye out for multiple shipments if you ordered more than one item.


Lose up to 20 pounds (and build the habits to keep from gaining it back)
Improve your gut health & eliminate bloating
Eliminate unhealthy cravings
Have more energy & a stronger immune system
Get clearer skin and stronger hair and nails
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The results are in

over 83% achieved their goals*

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Success Stories

Why Raw Generation

Always Flash Frozen

Flash freezing our products is something we will never change. Why? It's the only way to truly preserve and lock in flavor, nutrients, and enzymes. Other brands essentially cook out all these good things with their processing methods. Not us. This is as close to juicing at home as you will get. And even better, frozen means you can enjoy them whenever you want.

Woman holding Sweet Roots juice

Only Clean, Real-Food Ingredients

When you put real food in your body, real changes will start to happen. Our cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and plant-based snacks are all made with ingredients that come out of the ground, not a laboratory. 100% real, nothing artificial. Ever.

Raw Generation Skinny Cleanse with healthy snack plate

Healthy Should Taste Great

How can you stick to something that you don't enjoy? You won't. That's why we prioritize flavor in everything we create. Our Quality Assurance team has strict standards, and if a product is not a 10\/10 during the taste-testing phase, then it won’t be coming to your door.