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Protein Greens
(Lower Sugar*)
cashews, dates, spinach, pumpkin seeds, vanilla, cacao


You asked, we answered. This lower sugar, higher protein smoothie was made for anyone looking to up their plant-based protein game. How does it taste? Just think: Iced mocha. Enjoy 10g of protein in this plant-based smoothie made of cashews, dates, spinach, pumpkin seeds, vanilla and raw cacao.

*Contains 14g of sugar as compared to 30g in leading plant-based smoothies

Singles sold as 12-pack minimum. Can mix and match single juices and smoothies.

Is this smoothie right for me?
This plant-based green smoothie is for you if:
• You want more clean, plant-based protein in your life
• You're looking to get more fiber in your diet
• You need a quick meal replacement when times get busy
• You want to get in more greens but find it hard to eat enough of them
Ingredient List
triple-filtered water, cashews, dates, spinach, pumpkin seeds, vanilla extract, cacao powder*, Himalayan salt *ORGANIC INGREDIENTS
Nutrition Facts
Scroll/swipe thumbnails for nutrition facts.
Why We Freeze
Flash freezing our products is something we will never change. Why? It's the only way to truly preserve and lock in flavor, nutrients, and enzymes. Other brands essentially cook out all these good things with their processing methods. Not us. This is as close to juicing at home as you will get. And even better, frozen means you can enjoy them whenever you want.



Help you load up on plant-based protein
Increase your daily intake of fiber so your digestion runs better
Boost your energy levels naturally
Support your immune system
Replenish nutrients after a workout