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Truly Raw Coconut Water

Truly Raw Coconut Water

Elevated workout results and supreme hydration

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Experience the difference with Truly Raw Coconut Water, the ONLY 100% raw and organic bottled coconut water on the market. Get supreme hydration and replenish electrolytes with none of the added sugars in traditional store-bought coconut waters.

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Experience the difference with Truly Raw Coconut Water, the ONLY 100% raw and organic bottled coconut water on the market. Get supreme hydration and replenish electrolytes with none of the added sugars in traditional store-bought coconut waters.

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The best coconut water in the world (seriously). You have never tasted a ready-to-drink coconut water as fresh and healthy as Truly Raw Coconut Water. We flash-freeze 100% raw organic coconut water, preserving all of the nutrition and flavor that other brands cook out. These brands you find in store use high-pressure processing, pasteurization, or sweeteners in their coconut water, which remove key nutrients and destroy the natural taste. Not us. The exceptional flavor and nutritional integrity of Truly Raw Coconut Water is exactly as it is when you crack open a fresh coconut.

Naturally Hydrating: Packed with electrolytes, potassium, calcium, and other essential nutrients, Truly Raw Coconut Water is the ultimate thirst quencher. It's not just a drink; it's a natural hydration solution that also supports your health and wellness journey.

Health Benefits. Making raw coconut water a part of your daily routine can certainly make a difference in your life over time. In addition to supreme hydration, it is low in calories compared to many sweet drinks, making it a healthier alternative for those monitoring calories and avoiding added sugars. It contains antioxidants that help support clearer and smoother skin. It can even naturally increase energy levels and improve workout recovery time even more effectively than traditional, sugar-laden sports drinks. 

100% Raw & USDA Organic: Sourced from the finest organic young coconuts, our coconut water is as pure as it is refreshing. Our non-GMO coconut water is flash-frozen immediately after harvesting, which locks in the freshness, pure coconut flavor, and health benefits.

Taste the Difference with Every Sip. With Raw Generation Truly Raw Organic Coconut Water, every sip transports you to the tropics, offering a refreshing taste that's both pure and potent. It's the perfect post-workout drink, a natural hydration choice for your daily routine, or a delightful base for smoothies and cocktails. Taste other brands like Vita Coco, Harmless Harvest, and compare the flavor – we are confident you will agree that we have the best coconut water out there.

What's Included

You'll receive a pack of 18 or 30 bottles of 100% Certified Organic Truly Raw Coconut Water.  Each bottle is 12 fl oz.

Please note — Coconut Water is not certified Kosher


When should I drink my coconut water?
You can drink your coconut water any time of the day or night. It can be enjoyed as a hydrating snack, meal accompaniment, or nutrient replenishment after a workout. Drinking a daily coconut water hydrates your body like nothing else can.

How many bottles of coconut water can I have in a day?
As many as you like! Truly Raw Coconut Water has no added sugars, preservatives, or harmful chemicals. Just lots of delicious, natural hydration with the best tasting coconut water on the market.

Are these meant to be a meal replacement?
By nature, coconut water is pretty low-calorie and not particularly designed as a meal replacement. However, you can have 2 of them as a light and easy meal so long as you are conscious of getting adequate caloric intake throughout the rest of your day. 

What if my coconut water turns pink?
When coconut water is truly raw, there are no preservatives, additives, or chemicals added to keep its natural color. While it comes out of the coconut completely clear, if it is exposed to the air for too long it will start to have a light pink hue. This is not dangerous and does not alter the flavor or nutritional value of the coconut water, but as with all of our juices, we recommend drinking them within 24 hours of thawing.

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Increase your body's hydration
Replenish electrolytes after a workout
Boost energy levels naturally
Promote clearer, smoother skin
Improve your digestion

Why Raw Generation

Always Flash Frozen

Flash freezing our products is something we will never change. Why? It's the only way to truly preserve and lock in flavor, nutrients, and enzymes. Other brands essentially cook out all these good things with their processing methods. Not us. This is as close to juicing at home as you will get. And even better, frozen means you can enjoy them whenever you want.

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Only Clean, Real-Food Ingredients

When you put real food in your body, real changes will start to happen. Our cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and plant-based snacks are all made with ingredients that come out of the ground, not a laboratory. 100% real, nothing artificial. Ever.

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Healthy Should Taste Great

How can you stick to something that you don't enjoy? You won't. That's why we prioritize flavor in everything we create. Our Quality Assurance team has strict standards, and if a product is not a 10\/10 during the taste-testing phase, then it won’t be coming to your door.