Why You Should Be Eating Fiber For Breakfast

Why You Should Be Eating Fiber For Breakfast

Have you ever looked at the labels of those oh-so-popular fiber supplements or grab-n-go “high-fiber breakfast” bars on the market? The ingredients are scary. Just take a look...

Popular Fiber Supplement: Wheat dextrin, sorbitol, corn starch, microcrystalline cellulose, dextrates, citric acid, natural and artificial flavor (soy), magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, sucralose, yellow 6 aluminum lake, aspartame, acesulfame potassium, citric acid, FD&C Red No. 40, maltodextrin, and natural flavors.

Popular Fiber Bar: Canola oil, corn syrup, soy lecithin, cellulose gum, palm kernel oil, tricalcium phosphate, maltodextrin, fructose, barley malt syrup, natural flavors, sugarcane fiber...

Many dietitians routinely recommend these supplements, but as a holistic nutritionist with 20 years of experience, the raw truth is that these products do not belong in your body. They belong in the trash.

If you want safe, easy, and effective fiber that is 100% clean, your best bet is ALWAYS real ingredients, like fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Those are the exact ingredients in Higher Fiber Gut Reset pack smoothie recipes—no processed supplements or icky-ingredient fiber bars here. Plus, these smoothies have nearly double the amount of fiber than your average fiber product on the market.

Experience Clean Fiber Smoothies and Reset Your Gut

What is Fiber?

For starters, let’s dive into what fiber is. Fiber is naturally present in the plants we eat. There are two types of fiber: soluble fiber and insoluble fiber.

Soluble fiber is found inside plants. It is commonly found in fruits, vegetables, and oats[1]. This type of fiber has been known to lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar levels [2].

Insoluble fiber comes from outside plants and passes through the digestive system when eaten[1]. This type of fiber can be found in nuts, seeds, and whole grains [2]. This type of fiber prevents constipation and helps regulate healthy digestive flow.

Health Benefits of Fiber

It may seem counter-intuitive to eat it since our bodies can’t digest fiber, but it’s actually a crucial part of our diets. And making sure you up your daily fiber intake has many health benefits as long as it’s from a trusted source.

With that being said, the fiber content you consume must be from real, whole foods, not ultra-processed ones.

  • Optimal Gut Health - Quality fiber from fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds will help reset your gut and improve digestion. Natural fibers found in these foods promote a healthy gut microbiome.

    Now, let’s talk about the bathroom. Fiber keeps digestion flowing optimally, preventing painful constipation. Healthy digestive flow promotes healthy and sustainable weight loss [2].

  • Eliminate Bloating - Because fiber helps your digestive system to flow regularly, the likelihood of being bloated significantly decreases.

  • Weight Loss - Fiber helps you to lose weight naturally. The fiber found in fruit helps you feel full longer, which means you’ll be more likely to make healthier choices when it comes to snacking.

  • Feel Fuller, Longer - High-fiber foods, like those found in Raw Generation’s smoothie drinks, help you to feel fuller longer. Fiber takes longer to digest [3]. Plus, calories are from nutrient-dense whole foods instead of ultra-processed foods, like our competitors.

Fiber-Rich Foods

Don’t be afraid to have foods rich in fiber. Eat plenty of the following foods -

  • Seeds like chia seeds & flax seeds

  • Antioxidant-rich berries, like blueberries, blackberries, & raspberries

  • Citrus fruits, like oranges or clementines

  • Tropical fruits, like pineapple and mangoes

  • Beans like chickpeas, black beans, or lentils

  • Quinoa

  • Organic, gluten-free rolled oats

  • White & sweet potatoes

  • Raw nuts, like cashews or almonds

  • Clean nut butter, like almond butter or peanut butter

  • Green smoothies and fruit smoothies

Eat Fiber Every Morning

You often hear a ton about high-protein breakfast recipes full of protein powders and other not-so-good ingredients. One thing we never hear much about is fiber for breakfast. Flooding your system with fiber for a morning meal is ideal.

Eating fiber from whole foods for breakfast, like fruits, smoothies, oatmeal, and chia pudding, ensures that we will feel full until lunchtime and skip those pesky mid-morning cravings.

Fiber is a digestive powerhouse, and it ensures a regular flow. This means no more of that uncomfortable bloating feeling throughout the day that has you feeling full and icky.

Talking about bowel movements is not so pretty. But the reality is we all have to go daily. Lack of a healthy flow is a telltale sign that you may need more fiber in your diet. And there’s no better way than to get your daily fiber intake from a healthy breakfast consisting of fruits, nuts, and seeds.

Fiber for breakfast means stabilized blood sugar levels, providing a steady release of energy and preventing the energy crashes that can wreak havoc on your busy mornings. Who has time for that?

Get in Healthy Fiber with Ease

Mornings are hectic and healthy high-fiber breakfast ideas are few and far between, which is why I created the Higher Fiber Gut Reset pack. Say goodbye to the infamous gas station breakfast burrito.

These smoothies make the perfect high-fiber breakfast because they are as easy and delicious as they are restorative for your gut. Every bottle in this pack has 5-7 grams of fiber, making them nearly double a single serving of the popular fiber supplements on the market, minus the bad ingredients.

Raw Generation smoothies are an easy breakfast option and a great source of fiber. It takes longer to pick up a breakfast sandwich from the drive-thru than it does to sip a smoothie. You don’t have to think twice about it, thaw, sip, and go.

I Want an Easy, Fiber-Rich Breakfast

Avoid Unhealthy Fiber

In an effort to get healthier, consumers of these unhealthy fiber supplements are, in fact, causing detriment to their health without knowing it. These products are full of artificial sweeteners, toxic coloring agents, preservatives, additives, and a laundry list of unhealthy ingredients.

Not all fiber is created equal, which is why I stress avoiding processed fiber products like:

  • White or whole-wheat bread

  • English muffins

  • Processed grain-based snacks

  • Sugary cereals or granola

  • Processed fiber cereals, bars, & drinks

High Fiber Breakfast Recipe

The one thing I love about our smoothies is how versatile they are. You can have a smoothie during your morning commute, or you can also change it up if you like. They work as a breakfast food or a grab-n-go lunch option.

Here’s a high-fiber breakfast recipe that I truly love. It's super simple and super delicious.

Peanut Butter Cup Chia Seed Pudding


  • 1 bottle of Peanut Butter Cup smoothie, thawed

  • 1/4 cup Chia Seeds

  • 1 mason jar with a lid


  1. Combine one bottle of Peanut Butter Cup (any smoothie will work) and 1/4 cup of chia seeds in a mason jar.

  2. Stir well and allow to sit in the refrigerator overnight.

  3. Enjoy topped with any fresh fruit you like for added fiber (raspberries taste great with this one!)

Nutritionist tip: Feel free to adapt this same recipe for overnight oats as well.

Ingredients With Intention

I designed the Higher Fiber Gut Reset with fiber at the forefront of my mind, but it is also balanced with clean protein, healthy carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Restore your gut health while enjoying all 6 healthy and delicious fiber-rich flavors: 

Mango Carrot, Chocolate Cashew, Cookies & Cream, Clementine Creamsicle, Peanut Butter Cup, & Piña Colada.

All are made with ingredients that consist of high-fiber fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. That’s it. Nothing artificial is ever added.

All smoothies are gluten-free, soy-free, kosher, refined sugar-free, and plant-based, making them a healthy addition to your daily routine.

Retire your daily omelet and enjoy a delicious, high-fiber smoothie instead. Your gut will thank you.

Enjoy Delicious High Fiber Breakfasts Today



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