The Raw Truth About Seed Oils

The Raw Truth About Seed Oils

For years now, you’ve likely heard that canola oil is a healthier fat to use for frying, the best oil to cook with because of its high smoke point, and a better oil option for weight loss. You’ve probably also read the giant “heart-healthy” labels found on vegetable oils in the grocery store. Somewhere along the way, canola oil became known as the healthiest cooking oil because it is low in saturated fat. But the truth is you have been lied to for years.

There is NOTHING healthy about any type of refined oil.

The scariest part here is that these processed oils are in EVERYTHING. From junk food to products marketed as “healthy,” they have snuck into kitchen staples like bread, cookies, soups, crackers, sauces, salad dressing—You name it.

Seed oils are the silent intruders in your kitchen that wreak havoc on your body and could be the very thing hindering your weight loss goals.

What Exactly is Canola Oil Anyway?

Canola oil is a refined oil that comes from the rapeseed flower. Sounds healthy, right? Not quite. The seeds of these plants are harvested. The oils are then extracted from the seeds using high heat. During this process, omega-3 fatty acids are transformed into trans fatty acids, making them extremely unstable. They are then processed with chemical solvents to eliminate the foul taste and smell they give off after processing [1]. These rancid oils become even more unstable when heated at high temperatures during cooking or baking. Heating and treating oils can negatively impact your overall health.

Dangers of ALL Refined Oils

The process of chemically treating oils remains the same across the board. They are heavily processed and heated to be sold in stores and are able to sit on shelves for months on end... eek.

Processed oils contain high levels of omega-6 fatty acids. When out of balance with omega-3 fatty acids, these oils can cause all sorts of issues like inflammation or chronic disease in your body.

Despite sneaky marketing tactics, seed oils are anything but “heart-healthy.” Consuming them can actually increase the risk of heart disease by raising LDL cholesterol levels and blood pressure. These oils have also been linked to vitamin E deficiency, a critical vitamin for heart health.

Obesity is another risk factor for consuming highly refined oils. They are often the sneaky culprit contributing to weight gain and excess belly fat.

Ditch Refined Oils And Drop Pounds

When clients want to lose weight, education about healthy and unhealthy fats are some of the very first things I teach them. This is an integral part of my guidelines in the Stay Skinny Method™, my proven system for losing 2-3 pounds each week while incorporating healthy eating.

The Stay Skinny Method™ teaches you how to lose weight in an easy and effective way that is in alignment with how I’ve educated clients for years. Part of the method teaches you to eliminate inflammatory oils and incorporate eating “light to heavy” throughout the day.

These guidelines are simple to follow, easy to understand and implement, and can make a huge impact on your health and weight loss journey.

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The Best Cooking Oil for Weight Loss

I’m sorry to say, there is no such thing as a healthy cooking oil for weight loss. There is no type of fat that can be heated without hindering weight loss. This includes healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil. Once you heat a fat, consuming it will only cause detriment to your health and weight loss goals.

There’s no denying that healthy fats are important for our health and have many health benefits; however, this is only true when they are in their raw, unheated form. Raw nuts, seeds, avocado, and cold-pressed olive oil are beneficial for your brain, hormones, skin, hair, and cardiovascular health. The key is learning how and when to eat them. Full guidelines for this, along with 38 delicious recipes, are included with the Stay Skinny Method.

When I create meal plans for my nutrition clients, I drive home the point of never heat cooking in oil—even the healthy ones.  So when I designed the Stay Skinny Method™ for Raw Generation, I also made this the #1 recommendation in the healthy-eating guidelines that go along with the program, making it the perfect weight loss diet.

I Want to Learn the Right Way to Eat Fats for Weight Loss

Tips for a Seed-Oil-Free Lifestyle

Choosing to cut out seed oils from your meals means making a simple yet powerful decision for your health. By avoiding these oils, you're protecting your body from harmful effects like premature aging, cell damage, and weight gain. Embracing this change means more energy, better health, and the confidence that you're making choices that are good for you.

  • Meal plan as often as possible (restaurants and prepared food almost always use seed oils).

  • Refrain from deep frying, stir-frying, or sauteing in any type of oil.

  • Avoid peanut oil, flaxseed oil, canola oil, safflower oil, walnut oil, sunflower oil, cottonseed oil, rapeseed oil, sesame oil, soybean oil, and all vegetable oils as much as possible.

  • Purchase extra virgin olive oil and avocado oil in dark glass bottles (to ensure freshness).

  • Drizzle EVOO on your salad as a dressing base.

  • Avoid heating any oil or fat when you cook.

Learn more about The Stay Skinny Method™ Clean-eating Guidelines for healthy eating tips and recipes.

Raw Truth And Real Results With The Stay Skinny Method™

In a world where the raw truth about health is hard to find, true education is key.

I created the Stay Skinny Method™ because years as a holistic nutritionist showed me that weight loss diets and fads simply do not work long-term and that the vast majority of people are learning their nutrition education from false marketing and labeling on products.

After hearing story after story of how my clients had struggled with their weight, I wanted to create something for them that would truly work every time...And that is what the Stay Skinny Method™ is.

Say goodbye to misleading health claims and weight-loss fads that keep you from losing weight. Make weight loss and education a priority with the Stay Skinny Method™. Experience the transformative power of mindful nutrition when you start your journey. Your path to vibrant health and sustainable weight loss starts here.

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1. Physical Refining of Edible Oils

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