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Life is a roller coaster. The ride seems never-ending between racing to work, juggling parenting, and trying to balance a social life. Not to mention the unpredictable twists and turns that come along the way. And as we move through the chaos, our health often becomes the last priority. Eating healthy is hard, and losing weight can seem even harder. The numbers on the scale quietly sneak up on us, and panic sets in.

We start thinking, “I need to lose weight and lose it fast”, or “How am I going to fit into my cocktail dress for that wedding next month?”

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. On the crazy ride of life, it’s almost too easy to put our health last. But what if I told you that you could step off the chaos coaster and lose weight quickly and easily?

The Skinny Cleanse® is the calm in the chaos. It’s our #1 seller and the best 3-day cleanse to jumpstart your weight loss journey. Because when you need fast, healthy weight loss, it works. Every. Single. Time. 

This is your tried and true answer for fast, effective weight loss. According to a Raw Generation consumer survey, customers reported losing an average of 5 lbs. in 3 days, 8 lbs. in 5 days, and 10 lbs. in 7 days!

Lose Weight Fast & Experience Extra Health Benefits

Benefits of The Skinny Cleanse®

Think of your body as a whole. When things are out of balance from stress, poor food choices, and stress, losing weight can become tough. Your body is in overdrive and can't catch a break. A 3-day cleanse is the perfect way to make lifestyle changes necessary to lose weight. And the benefits don’t stop at weight loss.

When doing this cleanse, you can expect to kickstart better dietary habits, feel more energized, boost your immune system, and eliminate unwanted cravings. These are the pillars that help us drop weight sustainably. Let’s dive into how the Skinny Cleanse works holistically to help you lose weight and feel your best.

Kickstart Better Habits

Drop bad eating habits and implement new ones. When you choose to cleanse, you choose to make better choices by prioritizing nutrient-rich whole foods like fresh fruits and veggies. You begin to eliminate the processed foods that lead to weight gain and other health issues. The idea is to flood your system with the concentrated vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants your body needs to drop pounds quickly and efficiently. This 3-day detox can pave the way for a healthy diet in the future.

What separates Raw Generation from other cleanses on the market is that I have personally curated this cleanse with the cleanest ingredients. As a holistic nutritionist for many years, I understand the harmful effects of additives, preservatives, and refined added sugars, which can commonly be found in other cleanse brands, on our bodies.

Sure, you may temporarily lose weight from these detox cleanses, but are they helping you to make permanent changes to keep weight off once and for all? Or are they just another wellness gimmick?

At Raw Generation, there are no gimmicks. The more raw, clean produce you consume, the more you can naturally train your tastebuds to crave healthy foods. Lose weight and experience health benefits beyond the cleansing experience.

Boost Energy Naturally

If you’re feeling extra tired, chances are you need a cleanse. Flooding your body with healthy carbs like fruit and leafy greens means you’ll naturally increase your energy levels. Healthy, whole-food carbs metabolize in the body much slower than unhealthy ones do. No need for artificial stimulants or supplements that make us crash by 3 pm.

Boost Immunity

One nice side effect of this cleanse? Boosted immunity. It’s no secret that vitamin C works wonders for our immune system, but concentrated forms of vitamin C can make all the difference, which is why it is an integral part of this weight loss detox plan.

Ginger, lemon juice, carrots, and oranges are the “dream team” for immunity, which is what Citrus Carrot is made of—a beloved flavor of the Skinny Cleanse®.

Another Immune booster that deserves more recognition is dark leafy greens. Dark greens help immune cells in the gut to function properly. Boost your immunity by drinking Sweet Greens or Tarte Greens daily - 2 flavors in our best-selling Skinny Cleanse®

Increased immunity means a healthier gut. A healthier digestive system means losing weight with ease.

Curb Unhealthy Cravings

You’ve been told since you were a child to eat your greens. And that’s not without reason. Eating greens is good for you, but drinking greens is way better.

Drinking just one green juice daily can eliminate unwanted cravings. Flooding your system with greens means flooding your body with chlorophyll which helps cut our cravings for foods like salty potato chips. Chlorophyll is naturally loaded with properties that help our body during the detoxification process, helping you to lose more weight.

What If I’m Hungry On My Cleanse?

We always want what we can’t have. That’s especially true when starting a cleanse or a detox diet. But this cleanse is very different than most cleanses on the market. I’ll tell you why.

I created this cleanse and many others with the idea that restricting when we are hungry only leads to failure. For the best cleansing experience, we should listen to our bodies. That means if we are hungry, we should eat. But the key is eating the right foods.

If you feel hungry during a cleanse, I encourage you to have some raw fruits and vegetables. If you feel like you need more, feel free to have a plain sweet potato or lightly steamed veggies.

Before a cleanse, stock up on raw fruits. Meal plan some lightly steamed vegetables like broccoli or a baked potato to help yourself stay on track as you go.

Cleansing Tips and Tricks for the Best Results

The choices we make before, during, and after a cleanse make all of the difference in the amount of weight we lose. For the best results, be sure to:

  • Cut out meat, dairy, gluten, and grains pre-cleanse. Follow a plant-based diet plan. Focus on fruits and vegetables.

  • Have your coffee or tea without dairy and sugar.

  • Drink plenty of water and herbal teas.

  • Refrain from cooking in any heated fats and oils at all (even the healthy ones like olive oil).

  • After your 3-day detox cleanse, feel free to incorporate fruits, veggies, raw nuts, raw seeds like chia and flax seeds, dried fruits, gluten-free whole grains like brown rice or quinoa, beans, and probiotic-rich fermented vegetables.

If you’re looking to maintain or lose more weight, check out the Stay Skinny Method, where you’ll learn to fill your plate and eat in accordance with my clean-eating guidelines. You’ll learn the truth about healthy fats and how to eat them properly to lose weight post-cleanse.

Learn to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Best 3-Day Cleanse For Weight Loss

There is a reason that the Skinny Cleanse has been our best-selling cleanse for over ten years.

The Skinny Cleanse has been rated Best Overall Juice Cleanse countless times in all types of publications: People Magazine, The New York Post, Byrdie, Spy…The list goes on and on. Raw Generation ranks #1 for results, flavor, and overall experience when tested and compared to other juice cleanse companies. And that’s because it’s truly effective, unlike other short-term cleanse diets on the market.

Here’s how it works - while drinking 6 delicious cold-pressed juices each day, your body sheds toxins and gets flooded with real nutrition at the same time. Weight loss, more energy, less bloat, and sharper mental clarity are just a handful of the benefits you can experience. For long-term results and real weight loss results:

Try The Skinny Cleanse and Lose Weight

Each benefit of the Skinny Cleanse plays a crucial role in your weight loss journey. First, it kicks bad eating habits to the curb, paving the way for healthier choices. With an energy boost, you’ll feel better overall while also cutting those cravings that keep us stuck in a constant cycle of gaining weight.

Better habits, increased energy, boosted immunity, and reduced cravings — all working together to help you lose weight quickly and effectively. That’s what th

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