Cleanse for 2: Why You Should Cleanse Together

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We've all been there, haven't we? That moment you're ready to start a much-needed cleanse. You're feeling motivated and pumped to lose those stubborn pounds. But as you approach the challenge, reality quickly sets in. Your partner’s chips are calling your name from the snack pantry and your willpower is now facing the ultimate test.

If you’ve cleansed before then you know…it can be challenging to do it alone sometimes. Whether it’s our partner's tempting snacks or having to cook for the family when we cannot eat ourselves, cleansing alone is a challenge. 

Cleansing loves company. And when you cleanse with your partner or a friend, you can share the experience and support each other along the way. Experience the highs, lows, and achievements of your incredible weight loss journey, all while building stronger connections with your loved ones. 

After all, You know what they say… Couples who cleanse together, lose weight together. 

Double Dose of Health Benefits

Cleansing for two means double the health benefits. When you cleanse for two, you’re on an adventure toward a new lifestyle and a healthier you. 

Expect increased energy levels, effective weight loss, and gentle detoxification. Flood your system with essential nutrients from real ingredients that will crush any of those unwanted cravings. 

With our new Cleanse for 2, you can choose from 3 of our best-selling 5-day cleanses. Plus, double the cleanse means extra savings. 

Take the leap, choose a cleanse, and reap the benefits. And remember that you don't have to start this journey alone. Share this transformative journey with a friend, family member, or partner by your side. Tackle the challenge together.

Take a Leap and Cleanse for 2

Shared Goals

When you cleanse with a lover or friend, you have the support of a teammate in your corner. Sharing a common goal, like weight loss, for example, brings you closer together in your journeys to kickstart healthier habits. And there is actually evidence to prove that you can lose more weight with a partner or in a group setting than on your own [1].

When you have someone by your side, going through the motions with you, it can set the foundation for positive life-changing patterns with every sip. Cleansing together allows you to celebrate victories and overcome struggles–together. Making the burdens of losing weight less heavy (no pun intended)

It’s like having a personal trainer, motivational speaker, and dietician, all in one. It leaves room to motivate one another, keep each other in check, and most importantly feel the support of someone else while facing the challenges of cleansing. 

Get Accountability 

When doing difficult things like cleansing, it's very easy to make excuses for ourselves, to throw in the towel, or to feed those temptations and go off-track…straight to the drive-through. And let’s be honest, when we face challenges, we often make excuses and don't always hold ourselves accountable. 

When you choose to cleanse with someone else, they’ll likely help you stay on track. A good friend may remind you of the promises you’ve made to yourself to tackle this challenge. A partner may gently nudge you away from that unhealthy snack. And… you can provide that same support for them. 

Having an accountability partner allows you to think twice before giving in. In essence, it makes your cleansing journey more likely to be successful. 

Cleanse to Communicate

When ditching bad habits, there can be difficult conversations to be had. But have no fear… Difficult conversations can often lead to positive changes. 

Cleansing together allows you to set joint goals and discuss things like the dreaded eating habits. It's the difference between buying kale or cake while you browse the grocery aisles. It’s the difference between making the time to hit the gym or lounge on the couch. 

Discussing challenges or goals, getting vulnerable, and being open and honest helps us all create supportive environments. When cleansing with someone else, open communication can be the foundation of successful weight loss.

The Ultimate Guide To Success When Cleansing For Two

To ensure a high success rate and successful weight loss, here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your Cleanse for two experiences:

  • Get Clear About Goals - Getting clear about goals looks like deciding on the best cleanse for you and your partner in crime. Choose the Skinny Cleanse® to lose weight, the Lower Sugar Detox Cleanse to gently flush toxins, or the Protein Cleanse to enhance workout results.
  • Purge Your Kitchen - If possible, purge your kitchen of all of those unhealthy processed foods and snacks ahead of time. Temptation in the house can make or break your cleansing experience. You don't have to throw food away. Give it to friends and family who are not cleansing. 
  • Make Time to Communicate - Set aside time daily or weekly to speak to your cleansing partner. Talk about the challenges and the achievements. Motivate one another. This type of support goes a long way. 
  • Work Out Together - If you both feel up to it, get your bodies moving. Since you will be cleansing, you don’t have to do extreme workouts. Listen to your body. If possible, walk together, do some light stretching, or bike around your community.
  • Keep Each Other On Track - It’s not a matter of if temptation will come, it’s when it WILL come. Keep one another in check. Remind one another that eating unhealthy at this time is not worth it. Motivate one another to complete the challenge. 

The Power Of Cleansing for Two 

When you cleanse for two, weight loss is a huge benefit… But, it's not the only benefit. Not only will you experience a world of benefits for your health, but cleansing together also encourages stronger relationships.

Whether you’re cleansing with your bestie or your co-worker, this journey encourages open communication about goals and challenges. It allows you to support one another mutually and take accountability for your actions. 

Let the burden of losing weight become lighter. We want you to succeed. And we know from experience and customer testimonials that people have more success with cleansing when they do it with someone else. 

Experience Success With Cleanse for 2



1. The Influence of Romantic Partners in Weight Loss

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