How to Pick the Best Juice Cleanse

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Choosing a cleanse is similar to choosing wine—super personal. Some go for a dry red, while others go for a sweet white, each for their own reasons and preferences.

Choosing a cleanse is similar in the sense that we are all unique and individual. We have our own specific needs and preferences. Some may want to lose weight, while others want to detox or reset their gut health.

Now, this isn’t a blog about choosing your favorite wine (sorry to rain on your parade), but trust me, it’s still worth the read.

What is a Cleanse, and Why Do I Need One?

A juice cleanse is when one consumes cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices or smoothies for an extended period of time. During this time, most solid foods are removed from your diet.

This floods your system with concentrated nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants while giving the digestive system time to “reset.”

Concentrated forms of vegetable and fruit juice can help support weight loss goals, kickstart better eating habits, cut cravings, aid in detoxification, boost your immune system, and improve overall health and well-being.

Here are some signs you may need a juice fast:

  • Brain fog

  • Inability to focus

  • Fatigue/low energy levels

  • Intense cravings

  • Stubborn weight gain

  • You eat a ton of processed food

  • Skin issues

  • Digestive troubles (bloating, gas, frequency in the bathroom)

Health Benefits of Juice Cleansing

It doesn’t matter if you’re on your fifth 3-day juice cleanse or you’re a beginner here... A juice cleanse can benefit almost anyone.

As a holistic nutritionist at Raw Generation, having over 20 years in the wellness and weight loss space, I have witnessed firsthand the power of cleansing with cold-pressed raw juices.

Here are some of the health benefits of cleansing:

  • Weight Loss - This is the biggest reason for cleansing, and for good reason.

    Fiber and antioxidants present in raw juices help our bodies remove waste, which contributes to weight loss.

    When we flood our system with real food and adopt healthier lifestyle choices, a juice cleanse becomes the pillar for sustainable and long-term weight loss.

  • Detoxification - Fruits and vegetables are loaded with nutrients, antioxidants, and fiber. These antioxidants help you to remove free radicals, or damaged cells from your body. These damaged cells often cause disease in your body. Fruits and vegetables help to repair those cells [2].

  • Reset Digestion - I recommend cutting out all dairy, meat, and gluten-containing grains during a cleanse. If you feel like you need to eat, you can have raw fruits and veggies. The idea is to remove potentially inflammatory ingredients from your diet so you can give your gut a much-needed break. Your digestive system works hard for you and needs a “vacation” from time to time.

  • Kickstart Healthier Habits - A juice cleanse is a great way to improve your dietary patterns. By removing unhealthy foods, you can reset your palette and break the cycle of cravings. Eating more whole foods means you’ll develop an appreciation for healthy choices and have a more mindful approach to eating.

  • Hydration - More than half of Americans are dehydrated. Forbes magazine reported that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated [1]. During a cleanse, you can expect to drink about 6 bottles of juice daily, along with water and herbal teas, so dehydration is nothing to worry about here.

  • More Energy - Your body converts fruit sugars much differently than processed added sugars. Fruit sugars give you energy over a slower period of time, sustaining energy levels as well as your blood sugar. Processed, pasteurized fruit juice is much different than fresh juice. It is often riddled with added sugars, causing many side effects, like weight gain, obesity, and blood sugar spikes.

  • Glowing Skin - Vitamins and antioxidants are great for your skin, And our cleanses are loaded with skin-boosting vitamins, like vitamin C and dark leafy greens.

  • Nutrient Boost - Raw, cold-pressed juices from whole foods, like fresh fruits and veggies, are superfoods. They flood your body with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These blends help you easily get in the many essential nutrients that many Americans are lacking.

Nutritionist Tip: Always consult with your healthcare professional or a registered dietitian to see if a cleanse is right for you.

How Do You Choose The Best Cleanse For Your Body?

Choosing a cleanse requires some work on your end. If unsure, ask yourself, “What are my goals?”

Do you want to detox? Lose weight? Get in more greens? Cut cravings? Improve focus? Gain some energy? Eat healthier? This will look different for each person.

Luckily, we have a cleanse for just about any need. Here are some of our offerings:

1. The Skinny Cleanse®

The Skinny Cleanse® is geared toward those who want to lose weight quickly. If you’re sick of wellness shots and restrictive detox diets that do not deliver, the Skinny Cleanse® is a great jumpstart to weight loss. Not only will you lose weight, but you’ll flush toxins, eliminate bloating, and transform your body and health, too. After conducting a customer survey, we found that you can lose 5 lbs. in 3 days, 8 lbs. in 5 days, and 10 lbs. in 7 days*.

With the Skinny Cleanse®, you'll enjoy six cold-pressed weight-loss juices daily. From delightful green blends to tasty fruit and veggie combinations, each bottle offers a refreshing mix of ingredients like kale, apple, cucumber, carrot, celery juice, and more.

Lose Weight With The Skinny Cleanse®

2. The Lower Sugar Detox* Cleanse

The Lower Sugar Detox* Cleanse is best if you want a total body detox with less sugar. This cleanse has 47% less sugar than our other cleanses. How do we do it? You can thank yacon root, a naturally sweet South American root vegetable known for its probiotic and gut-healing properties. This cleanse is also chlorophyll-rich from its high content of dark, leafy greens, so you can expect to cut cravings, improve gut health, and shed some extra pounds with every green juice. You get all the cleanse benefits with less sugar.

You'll enjoy four cold-pressed juices and two plant-based smoothies in this cleanse. From flavors like refreshing Citrus Mint to the yummy and satiating Protein Greens, each bottle offers a delicious blend of ingredients like orange, spinach, cashews, and more.

Detox, Lower Sugar Intake, and Lose Weight

3. The Protein Cleanse

If you find yourself wanting to cleanse but don’t want to sacrifice protein or give up your workouts, then the Protein Cleanse is your perfect match. You don’t have to stop being active just because you’re cleansing. You’ll get 38 grams of protein each day from plants. No artificial protein powders here!

In this cleanse, you’ll enjoy three raw juices and three high-protein smoothies daily. From the nutritious Sweet Greens and Citrus Carrot to the satisfying Vanilla Cashew and Chocolate Cashew, each bottle is packed with wholesome ingredients like kale, carrot, flax, dates, and more.

Up Your Protein and Lose Weight

4. Cleanse For 2

Do you need a little extra support from your best friend? Or maybe you and your husband want to make some healthier choices together and have decided to purge your pantry to lose some weight. Cleanse for 2 gives you the opportunity to get two of the above cleanses (Skinny Cleanse, Lower Sugar* Detox Cleanse, or Protein Cleanse). You’ll get two cleanses, support from your friend or lover, and, best of all, you’ll get these cleanses at a discounted price.

Customers regularly report that they get better results and more easily when cleansing with a partner.

Depending on the cleanse you choose, the ingredients will vary.

Get Double the Cleanses and See Double The Results

Cleansing Tips

Despite the cleanse you choose, these tips apply throughout. Here’s how to maximize your results no matter what your goal may be:

  • Prep Before You Cleanse - Before you cleanse, avoid grains, meat, alcohol, and dairy. Eat a plant-based diet with an emphasis on fruits and vegetables. Do this a couple of days before you cleanse.

  • During Your Cleanse - Have some fruit and raw veggies on hand. You can snack on these items if you feel like you need something to eat. If you’re still hungry, help yourself to a baked or steamed potato if you’d like.

  • Post Cleanse - This is important. Avoid added sugars, corn syrup, food dyes, gums, processed grains, and junk food. You just lost all that weight, and the last thing you want to do is gain it back.

    Eat tons of raw fruits, veggies, spices, herbs, raw nuts, beans, legumes, gluten-free whole grains, and extra virgin olive oil.

  • Never Cook In Oil - Never heat oil of any kind, even the “healthy ones.” When oil is heated, it is no longer good for you and can cause weight gain.

Check out our blog post on maximizing cleanse results for more in-depth cleansing tips.

Find The Perfect Cleanse

Whether you’re looking for detoxification, weight loss, getting enough protein, or making better choices, Raw Generation has something for everyone.

Choosing the right cleanse will be unique to your individual needs. And with options like The Skinny Cleanse®, Lower Sugar Detox* Cleanse, and the Protein Cleanse, there's a cleanse tailored just for you.

Take the first step by exploring our range of cleansing options. And you’ll be on the path to a lighter, healthier, more vibrant version of yourself.

Find Your Cleanse Here



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