How to Prep For a Juice Cleanse: 3 Tips to Maximize Your Results

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Is it really necessary to prep for a juice cleanse?

The answers are YES.  Here's why...

If you already eat a really clean diet (ie - no fried or processed foods, little to no meat or dairy, no alcohol, no wheat products) your body is fully prepared to start a raw juice cleanse. However, if you are like 99% of the population that occasionally/regularly eats one or several of the items listed in italics above, then you will have a more successful and pleasant experience during your juice cleanse if you spend a few days preparing. 

When you go from eating a regular diet to extremely clean foods, your body is going to rebel.  A few prep days will give you a transition time that allows your body to ease into the cleanse, and will help eliminate a lot (if not all) of your unhealthy cravings. 

So, how to prep for a juice cleanse?  Here are 3 of our best tips.


Tip #1: Eat Clean for a Few Days


Cleaning up your diet for a few days (3-4 days if your diet consists of regular fast food stops / 1-2 days if you eat lots of veggies and only occasional processed foods) will help your body gently start the detoxification process before your cleanse begins. 

Foods to Eliminate or Avoid: processed foods, fried foods, dairy, meat, gluten and wheat-containing grains, cooked oils

Foods to Include More: fresh fruits, fresh & steamed veggies, baked potatoes, beans, rice or gluten-free oatmeal, raw nuts & seeds

Tip #2: Drink Clean for a Few Days


One huge culprit for weight gain, brain fog, and low energy is the processed drinks we consume daily.  Leading up to your cleanse, cut out all sodas (regular AND diet), milk or yogurt drinks, pasteurized juices, protein shakes, sweetened iced tea, sweetened seltzers, and sweetened non-dairy milks.  Before you cleanse drink TONS of filtered water, caffeine-free herbal teas (sweetened with honey) , and practice drinking your coffee black (If you can't drink it black, use a non-sweetened plant milk in place of a creamer, and a natural sweetener like pure stevia or honey to sweeten)

Tip #3: Stock Up on Healthy Snacks

If you surround yourself with healthy options, you will be much less-likely to fall off your cleanse.  Stock up your fridge and pantry with lots of snacking fruits like grapes, apples, bananas, & oranges.  Buy some crunchy veggies like cucumbers, bell pepper, and sugar snap peas.  Consider purchasing a few cleanse-friendly snacks like our No B.S. Trail Mix and No B.S. Simply Nutty Bars.  These are great when you need a little something extra during your cleanse, AND they make a great post-cleanse healthy maintenance snack.

With over two decades of expertise in the field of Health & Wellness, Lisa Testa, M.S. is an experienced nutritionist who has dedicated her career to empowering hundreds of clients on their journeys to weight loss and natural healing through the transformative power of raw food nutrition.


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