3 Tips To Eliminate Bloating

3 tips to eliminate bloating

Do you sometimes struggle with uncomfortable bloating or sluggish weight loss? If you do, you are not alone.  

As a holistic nutritionist for over two decades, this has been a common complaint I’ve heard from clients for years. AND I personally dealt with these issues before I learned what I now know.

I’ve learned that we all make it much more complicated than it is. Eliminating bloating is pretty simple for most people. It’s really all a matter of properly combining your foods.

Eliminate Bloating 

These are my 3 top tips to help eliminate bloating:

1. Eat From “Light to Heavy” Each Day.

This is the #1 above all else. When you master this one thing, you will likely never have to deal with bloating again. Structure your day in such a way that focuses primarily on light foods until dinner time.  

“Light” refers to low-fat foods like fruits, vegetables, potatoes (NOT cooked in fat), whole grains, and legumes. 

“Heavy” foods are your healthy fats (avocado, raw nuts & seeds, extra virgin olive oil, etc) and animal protein (including eggs). You do not have to restrict heavy foods. However, you will achieve maximum results if you only have them once per day, ideally at dinnertime.

2. Never Eat Fat With Fruit.

    Eat all the fruit you want, but have it separately from fat. The whole “apple with peanut butter” thing may be great from a health standpoint, but it is a disaster if you’re trying to lose weight.  

    Why? Fruit digests much faster than fat due to its rich water content.  Fat can take hours to digest properly, meaning that while the fruit is trying to move out of your stomach, the fat remains and causes a push-and-pull reaction in your gut, leading to fermentation and gas - hence, bloating.

    3. Add Raw Enzymes to Heavy-Cooked Meals.

    You can ask any client who has ever worked with me, and they will tell you that I always give this piece of advice: Always have something raw when you have something cooked. 

    The enzymes in raw foods help digest heavier cooked foods, thus improving digestion and reducing bloating. This makes for easier weight loss as well.

    I created the Skinny Boost™ to help people easily accomplish this. You simply drink 1 Skinny Boost™ shot ten minutes prior to any cooked meal. The potent enzymes in this little bottle will actively help you digest your meal more efficiently. But they work best when consumed daily.

    Add Raw Enzymes Daily for Better Digestion 

    Boost Digestion And Weight Loss

    I crafted the Skinny Boost™ shot  to pack a big punch. And with benefit-focused ingredients found in nature.

    The secret to good digestion? Bromelain

    Bromelain is a naturally occurring digestive enzyme found in pineapple. This enzyme is anti-inflammatory, making it the perfect “primer” for your digestive system with those heavier meals [1].

    The secret to weight loss? Hibiscus and Ginger.

    An interesting study conducted on rats that were fed a high fat and high sugar diet lost weight when given hibiscus and ginger tea. This actually had a greater impact than a popular anti-obesity drug used in the study. [2]

    Goodbye Bloating, Hello Weight Loss

    There is no need to struggle anymore with bloating or sluggish weight loss. Try these 3 tips and see the amazing results for yourself. 

    Embrace eating light to heavy. Never eat fruit and fat together. And enhance your digestion with the Skinny Boostshot. 

    Say goodbye to unbuttoning your pants at the dinner table (we’ve all done it), and hello to feeling lighter–and fitting into those pants! 

    Plus - the Skinny Boost™ is my absolute favorite flavor in our assortment. It is SO GOOD that I rarely miss a single day of having it - not only for its benefits but simply because it tastes amazing. 

    Drink a Skinny Boost daily and Lose Weight



    1. Anti-Inflammatory Properties of a Proprietary Bromelain Extract (Bromeyal™) After In Vitro Simulated Gastrointestinal Digestion
    2. Effects of Polyphenol‐Rich Traditional Herbal Teas on Obesity and Oxidative Stress in Rats Fed a High‐Fat–Sugar Diet


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