Are You Acidic or Alkaline?

Are You Acidic or Alkaline?

If you want to lose weight- and keep it off for good- it’s essential that you understand how to get your body into an alkaline state and why it’s so important!

We exist in a very acidic environment. From pollution to stress, there are many uncontrollable factors that can cause acidity in our bodies… but we CAN control some things.

Acidic Body = Weight Gain

If you’ve been consuming an excess of acid-producing foods like cheeseburgers, booze, and ice cream, your body adapts by storing excess acid in fatty tissue.

When your body is in an ACIDIC state you:

  • Feel bloated or like you have a food baby
  • Feel fatigued like you want to take a nap every day at 3pm
  • Your skin looks dull, dry, oily or your breakouts are giving you flashbacks to the 7th grade
  • You become irritable easily

Getting into an alkaline state IS NOT about calorie restriction;  IT IS about re-balancing your body to a state that is conducive to weight loss. 


Check in tomorrow for the next part of this 5 part series to help you lose weight quicker and easier...

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