Are you acidic or alkaline?

If you want to lose weight- and keep it off for good- it’s essential that you understand how to get your body into an alkaline state and why it’s so important!

We exist in a very acidic environment. From pollution to stress, there are many uncontrollable factors that can cause acidity in our bodies… but we CAN control some things.

If you’ve been consuming an excess of acid-producing foods like cheeseburgers, booze, and ice cream, your body adapts by storing excess acid in fatty tissue.

When your body is in an ACIDIC state you:

  • Feel bloated or like you have a food baby
  • Feel fatigued like you want to take a nap every day at 3pm
  • Your skin looks dull, dry, oily or your breakouts are giving you flashbacks to the 7th grade
  • You become irritable easily

Getting into an alkaline state IS NOT about calorie restriction;  IT IS about re-balancing your body to a state that is conducive to weight loss. 


Check in tomorrow for the next part of this 5 part series to help you lose weight quicker and easier...

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