How to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories or Carbs

How to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories or Carbs

Drop These Common Weight Loss Myths

There is a lot of conflicting information out there about how to lose weight or how to continue losing once you’ve lost some.

Below are the 3 misconceptions that I hear most often from my nutrition clients. These common misconceptions are keeping you from losing weight and living your absolute healthiest and best life.

1. I have to restrict my calorie intake to lose weight.

Calorie counting or letting your body go into a calorie deficit, is just the opposite of what is ideal for long-term, sustainable weight loss. You need to eat more, not less - but more of the right foods like fruits, veggies, potatoes, whole grains, and healthy fats. This practice is known as mindful eating—the practice of healthy eating. Eating whole foods that benefit your body and avoiding those that do not.

Avoid ultra-processed foods, like packaged items with ingredients likHow to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories or Carbs

Are you struggling to consistently lose weight?

No matter the number of calories or fat grams you restrict, shedding body fat can sometimes just seem impossible.

As a holistic nutritionist working in the wellness and weight loss space for nearly twenty years, I’d like to speak against these three myths that may be holding you back when it comes to reaching your weight loss goals.e refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, food dyes, preservatives, enriched flour, inflammatory seed oils, and gums. These foods contribute to having less energy, stubborn body fat, weight gain, poor sleep quality, obesity, diabetes, and high blood sugar.

These pre-packaged foods may be marketed as “healthy” or “low calorie,” but their ingredients tell another story. They lack nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, and because of this—you’re actually more likely to run the risk of overeating them and gaining weight... (counterintuitive at it’s finest)

2. I can’t eat carbs if I want to lose weight.

You can experience some temporary weight loss by eliminating carbs, but it will never be sustainable or healthy for your body. 

That’s because your body needs carbs for energy (Ever wonder why you have low energy when you cut carbohydrates from your diet?).

The key is distinguishing between healthy carbs versus unhealthy ones. As you can imagine, unhealthy carbohydrates like most refined pastas, cereal, and bread are a no-go. However, whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, and oats along with potatoes, fruits, and vegetables are perfectly healthy to eat without restriction.

To achieve the best weight loss results, at least 80% of your daily calories should come from low-fat, healthy carbs.

Lose Weight Without Cutting Carbs

3. I have to limit fruit if I want to lose weight.

Those who limit their fruit intake will always struggle with weight loss, low energy, and compromised immunity. Fresh, ripe fruits should be a mainstay in everyone’s daily diet.  The more fruit, the better. 

Reducing your portion sizes of fruit only leads to one thing... cravings for sweets. I can guarantee that if you’ve given into one too many ice cream cravings that your body is actually fruit deficient. You need to be dropping the calorie-dense, processed foods and replacing them with a big serving of fresh fruits.

I know some of this may blow your mind, as it is likely the polar opposite of what you’ve been hearing for years from the mainstream. But trust me when I tell you, from my own personal weight loss journey and those of hundreds of clients over the years in my practice all of my clients have lost body fat by upping their fruit intake.

Fruit is a nutrient-dense food full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals you want to eat more of, not less of.

Eat Fruit, Lose Weight

What Are Effective Strategies for Losing Weight Without Calorie Counting?

The most toxic thing about diet culture is the way dietitians or bodybuilders treat all calories equally. Calories in a mango versus calories in a cupcake are NOT the same thing.

Despite what you may have been told this is what really works for fat loss and weight management-

  • Fewer calories from processed foods and omitting them entirely from your diet.

  • Stop thinking in terms of “high-calorie” or “low-calorie” and worry about ingredients.

  • Eat fruit and healthy carbohydrates without restriction.

  • Enjoy cold-pressed juices and smoothies in abundance if they are truly RAW and unpasteurized.

  • Meal plan. Cut up some fresh fruits and veggies for the week to help you stay on track. Make healthy soups or salads.

  • Save your fat and protein intake for later meals, especially if you’re trying to shed body fat.

  • Engage in physical activity. Go for walks. Get fresh air. Go bike riding. Do whatever gets your body moving

  • Get quality sleep. Sleep deprivation impacts your hunger hormones, which further impacts your digestion and ability to lose body weight.

  • Manage your stress levels and prioritize your mental health.

As you can see, it’s not just about food intake and counting calories here. We want to approach weight loss from a WHOLE-istic perspective because that is what works for healthy, long-term results.

Say Goodbye to Poor Advice and Hello to Weight Loss

Now is the time to stop restricting. It will never truly work for you.

How many times have you been a victim to the vicious cycle of restricting, binge-eating, and then failure?

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