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Jessica and Bill Geier founded Raw Generation in 2012, and have been committed to sharing their healthy creations with the world ever since. After losing both of her grandmothers to cancer within six months of each other, Jessica Geier made a promise – she would do everything she could to educate herself so she and her loved ones could lead long and healthy lives. Along with her father, Bill, she began researching the way foods play a role in a person’s health. This is how the story of Raw Generation begins. READ MORE... 


Detoxify and cleanse your entire body with our curated collection of truly healthy products. From herbal teas to skincare, Superfood supplements to snacks we've found the healthiest products out there to support your health and happiness.

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Skinny Cleanse

SKINNY Cleanse

The Skinny Cleanse is made with 100% raw fruits and vegetables. Six juices per day will give your body what it needs to detoxify and heal so it can burn fat and eliminate bloating.

Physique Cleanse

PHYSIQUE Protein Cleanse

Packed with 80g of protein per day, greens, and antioxidant-rich Superfoods, the PHYSIQUE Protein Cleanse ensures you're ready to tackle anything- from that killer spin class to training for a half-marathon. Vegan plant-based protein is a clean source of energy for your mind & muscles.

Skinny Elixer

30 Days (60 bottles)

SUPERBERRIES: Green coffee extract blocks excess sugar from turning into fat and boosts your metabolism, while Superfood berries (acai, goji berry, blueberry, and red raspberry) provide your body with the right nutrients to burn stored fat.

SUPERGREENS: Made with organic SuperGreens and Chá de Bugre, a berry found in the forests of Brazil, The Skinny Elixir reduces body fat while preserving and repairing muscle.




Great cleanse - felt full and energetic throughout.

This cleanse is fantastic. I was never hungry, my energy was always up and I felt leaner afterwards - lost five pounds and kept it off. Taste wise, the green juices were my favorite. Only downside, I got tired of drinking juice all day but those are the breaks when you're doing a cleanse. Would definitely recommend this to friends! ~ Jenn W.



I had never done a cleanse before so I was nervous & skeptical to try this. I did the 3-day Skinny Cleanse and LOVED it!!!! Not only did I lose weight, but I felt incredibly energized the entire 3 days and I didn't experience any side effects. I actually felt my body thanking me and my skin is glowing! It made me more conscious of how many fruits/vegetables I'm eating a day and I now make sure to include a fruit/vege with every meal. I am looking forward to cleansing again soon! ~ Amanda G.


Great Juice!

I was happily surprised to discover an try Skinny Cleanse. I start feeling good right away and I wish I had more after the 3rd day. I am over 250 lb and helped me loose close to 10lbs and maintain that status. Trying to improve even more. Skinny Cleanse showed me I don't need too much food and healthier is better. Strongly recommend it. ~Joyce B.



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