Why Our Juice Are the Best

We NEVER Heat, Pasteurize, or HPP Our Juices & Smoothies

Any form of Pasteurization, including High Pressure Pascallization (HPP), lowers the nutritional value of foods by raising temperature either directly or indirectly. Don't be fooled by claims of "Gentle Pasteurization" either... that's marketing hype to disguise the fact that the product has been heated.

Flash freezing is the best way to preserve vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and probiotics without negatively effecting taste or nutritional value.

Raw Generation beverages are NEVER  heated, Pasteurized, or Pressurized (HPP). Our juices and smoothies are NEVER exposed to heat of any kind...they are truly 100% raw. Instead, we flash freeze each bottle and ship your juices and smoothies frozen. 

Everything is 100% Plant-based

We only use fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and spices to create our juices  and protein smoothies. Nothing else. No soy. No dairy. No BS ingredients that you can't pronounce. 

We Don't Add Anything Artificial

That means absolutely no chemicals, additives, preservatives, dyes, flavors, etc, etc. Nothing artificial is added to our juices or smoothies. Our raw ingredients are picked out of the ground or off a tree- fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and spices ONLY!

We Don't Use Harsh Chemicals

We use a safe and natural cleaning solution of filtered water and vinegar to wash our fruits and vegetables. No harsh chemicals are used. What would be the point of drinking our juice if it were filled with a chemical residue?

Cold Pressed in Small Batches

Our juices and smoothies are as good as homemade! We cold-press the juices and blend the smoothies in small batches so we can ensure that the product you receive is the very best we can make.

One of the benefits of making small batches is the time between the juicing and freezing is very short. Your juice is flash frozen within an hour, locking in all of the nutrition, so when you defrost your juice or smoothie it is as good as if it was freshly made.  

Separation is Natural

Since our juices and smoothies are freshly made with no fillers, binders, or chemicals they will naturally separate. Just give them a good shake before you drink and they're ready to go. 

BPA-Free Plastic Bottles

We use BPA free plastic bottles. You are drinking our juice because you want the health benefits right? So why would we sell it in a plastic leaching bottle? Plus, you can take these bottles anywhere... So convenient!