Who We Are

Bill & Jess

Raw Generation was started in the beginning of 2012 by Bill and Jess Geier, father & daughter.

Bill is an entrepreneur. He has been an on again off again juicer for many years. After a short time juicing his enthusiasm would wane when he realized how time consuming and messy it was and would slip back into his bad eating habits. After gaining and losing enthusiasm several times he went in search of a company that could fulfill his desire for fresh & raw, unpasteurized, leafy green vegetable juice. There were none. He found a few companies out there that were selling juice, but none as potent as the leafy green vegetable juice he was making himself. Frustrated he thought, 'If I am looking for this product, there must be others who are looking for it too.' The seed was planted.

Jess' background is in architecture and graphic design, and completed a certification course at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in August of 2012 becoming a Certified Holistic Health Coach. Jess has been educating herself since 2010 on the benefits of improving one's diet. The path of information she came across led to her belief in a whole foods, plant based diet with an emphasis on leafy green vegetables, one of the most lacking components in American's diets. 

With Bill's business experience, Jess' technical/design background, and their love of juicing, Raw Generation was created. 


Why we do it

In 2010, Bill lost his mother and Jess her grandmother to pancreatic cancer. It was sudden, and as you could imagine very traumatizing. 

After the diagnosis, Jess started researching foods that she could make for her grandmother to keep her strong and healthy so she could remain strong through chemotherapy. This was where her understanding of the role foods play in health changed. Jess learned that the lifestyle you choose to live and, more specifically, the foods that you choose to eat play a huge role in your health. Since her grandmother's death Jess has completely changed her diet and blogs about the process of going from being someone who was focused on the mainstream calorie counting, low carb, high protein diet to focusing on eating a whole food, plant based diet with an emphasis on juicing. 

Bill was soon to follow. He struggled with weight gain for years and never paid much attention to what he ate. McDonald's was oftentimes his daily stop for lunch. Despite his crummy diet, he is and has been in good health with almost Guinness Book of World Records worthy low cholesterol. But, with the passing of his mother, he decided that it was time to clean up his diet so that he has the best chance of not suffering the same fate as many people do- a diagnosis of cancer. In late 2011 Bill started eating a 100% raw foods diet and within 2 months had lost 42 lbs. His goal is to live to 110 (his grandmother lived to be 103).

Bill and Jess are turning a passion of healthy living into a business that caters to people who want to incorporate juices into their diets but are too busy to spend the time it takes. 


The Story Behind the Names

 Energy & Endurance, Raw Generation's signature green juice, is most reliable and jam packs as much nutrition in a single bottle as one can enjoyably drink; something you want to drink every day because it makes you feel amazing!

Beauty & Brilliance, the perfect combination of sugar and spice. This blend of orange, carrot, and ginger is refreshing and soothing; the type of juice you can drink first thing in the morning or after a grueling workout.

Slim & Strong, has the ability to keep you grounded and balanced, and keeps your energy levels up all day. Just a hint of beet root combines well with carrots, apples, and ginger to create a smooth pick-me-up great for the middle of the day.

Heal & Hydrate, leaves you feeling refreshed and happy. Cooling cucumber, mixed with sweet and tangy pineapple, along with powerfully cleansing aloe vera is the perfect blend right before bed. By the early morning light, your body will be refreshed & cleansed.