What is the Raw Generation?

The Problem

Generations of people living out of line with nature have become unhealthy on every level. GMO’s and other mass-produced, chemical-laden foods have left us riddled with obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other diseases. Depression and anxiety have become the norm, and depending on pharmaceutical drugs is commonplace. The drugs so readily prescribed to ease our ailments are all too often accompanied by a slew of additional and worse side effects. 

However, a whole generation of people are waking up to recognize the need for a change in the way we relate to ourselves, the way we think, the way we move our bodies, and the foods that we eat. Decades of spiritual, physical, mental suffering have given way to a generation of people asking the following questions:

how can I make my life better?

how can I be healthier?

how can I be happier?

Our Roots

Growing numbers of people are sick and tired of being fat, sick, and tired, and they want to take their lives and health back into their own hands. They're yearning to go back to nature, but not in the tree-hugging way of their hippie-era parents. With this shift in mindset, people are changing their paths from a reality of instant gratification, self-indulgent eating, laziness, and gluttony- to real, wholesome food.

As part of the movement to increase the number of people who are in charge of their health, we at Raw Generation provide access to a way of nourishment that not only enhances the way people look and feel, but promotes an improved quality of life.

The Benefits of Returning to Nature

The raw foods that come directly from the ground are packed with the nutrients that the human body evolved to thrive on. By rejecting the artificial foods that have sabotaged our health, and choosing to consume raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, we give our bodies the nutrients it needs to repair, renew, and shed unwanted pounds- regaining control of our body, our health, and our lives. Raw foods not only help us lose weight and have better health, but they also give us more energy, improved mental clarity, happier moods, prevent diseases, and help us uncover our best selves …. the benefits are undeniable!

Empowering this New Generation

Raw Generation's system for health and weight loss is the solution for every person who has complained that they would consume a healthier diet if only it was more convenient, that they can't lose weight, that eating healthy is hard. The modern man or woman doesn’t necessarily have time to fuss over healthy food preparation, and so they succumb to quick and effortless options that are gradually poisoning their body and damaging their health.

By making the powerful nutrition of raw cold-pressed juice from fresh fruits and vegetables more convenient, Raw Generation makes it that much easier to gain access to the right nutrition every day and experience the health, happiness, vitality, and energy that are possible for every human being.

Raw Generation believes that convenient doesn’t have to also mean toxic. Bottling raw juice from fruit, vegetables, and nuts that is never heated offers maximum nutritional value and convenience. Raw Generation empowers people to experience the amazing benefits of drinking raw cold-pressed juice in a new, convenient way- the Skinny System - a remarkable example of what can be accomplished when nature and technology are combined.