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Juice Cleanse Logistics

Are there any fruits that are not okay to eat during a cleanse? +

By what time should the juices be consumed by? +

Can I drink coffee or tea during my cleanse? +

Nutrition & Allergies

Are your juices blended? +

Are your juices cold pressed? +

Ordering & Payments

Can I pick up my order? +

Returns & Refunds

Can I get a refund? +

Shelf Life & Thawing

Can I leave the juices at room temperature? +

Shipping & Delivery

Do you offer same day delivery? +

Do you ship internationally? +

Skinny Cleanse Logistics

Can I use almond or other non-dairy milks during a cleanse? +

Will I have to stay home while drinking the juices to be close to a bathroom? +


Can I find your juices in stores? +

Can I use Reward Points and Dollars towards my subscription or sale event? +