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We're on a mission to make healthy habits easy. So you actually keep them. 

We pride ourselves in the fact that we listen to our customers and do our best to help them feel better quickly. 

But something was missing.

We didn't have a real system for our customers to maintain the results they achieved during a cleanse.

With that in mind, we have revamped our brand and improved our products to help you keep the momentum every single day.

It's simple. If you make small changes every day real health is attainable and easy.

Multiple ways for you to achieve your goals. Because wellness is not one-size-fits-all.

Start with a cleanse to get back on track. 

Drink a green juice a day to load up on fruits and vegetables.

Replace a meal with a plant-based protein smoothie.

Or stock your kitchen with snacks that are actually clean and healthy.

Whatever you do, choose something that that fits into your lifestyle. 

Meet Lisa, our Holistic Nutritionist
Practicing what she preaches since 2005

My name is Lisa Testa and I am a Holistic Nutritionist. I have eaten a raw diet for over 17 years and have seen tremendous weight loss (Struggling to stay a size 8 to an easy-to-maintain size 2), better skin, clearer thinking, and more energy than I ever thought possible.  After working for years with clients at all different stages of health, I know firsthand the immense benefits that come with adding even a little more “raw plants” into your life. My top recommendation to every single client?  Drink one green smoothie (or juice) every single day.  Make small changes and see how they start to majorly impact your health.