Why REAL Orange Juice is Better

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Boost your healthy weight loss with our 100% raw, cold-pressed orange juice! What sets our OJ apart from ordinary pasteurized brands? Pasteurized orange juice is NOT actually a health food; it is so heavily processed that it loses its nutritional value! But our Bright & Balanced 100% orange juice is full of benefits:

  • Naturally burns fat
  • Boosts immune function
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Fights inflammation
  • Enhances skin’s appearance
  • Prevents bloating and improves digestive function

We set up a blind taste test to compare our Bright & Balanced 100% cold-pressed orange juice to a popular pasteurized brand (Tropicana). The results? Ninety percent of taste-testers preferred the taste of Raw Generation orange juice!

We asked one of the tasters who chose Tropicana why she made the selection that she did. Her response?

“I wanted to get the answer right and pick the healthier juice, so I went for the one that didn’t taste as sweet”.

Who said that healthier options can’t also taste delicious? Fresh juice has a much higher concentration of instantly absorbable nutrients than any other beverage! As a result, your whole body is healed, revitalized, and restored.

Stock up on the BEST tasting pure OJ out there!

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