The Real Girls of Raw Generation: Confessions of a Hardcore Herbivore

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Speaking from personal experience, even a 100% plant-based diet doesn’t guarantee the same awesome results as habitual juicing.

Often, I find myself hesitating to use the label “vegan” to describe myself. It seems to have acquired a negative connotation in so many people’s minds. They associate veganism with rabbit food, deprivation, and tofu (side note- soy is the worst for a variety of reasons and I won’t eat it).

But I’m far too self-indulgent for any facet of my everyday life to be rooted in a philosophy of deprivation. I prefer to think of myself as a hardcore herbivore. An impassioned pro-plant prophet. A crusader for chlorophyll. 

I’ve been vegan for about 4 years now, however, it wasn’t like I just woke up one day and decided that my diet should be trendier or more condescending... or whatever. The consequences of my wildly overindulgent lifestyle had become the focal point of my reality.

Obnoxious aches and pains, crippling depression, and embarrassing chronic maladies had taken over my life. I was ALWAYS exhausted and in a haze. If I wasn’t constantly working out, I would pack on 10 pounds in a matter of a few weeks. Migraines ruled my life. My lymph nodes were always painfully swollen and my immune system was a joke. Whenever there was a bug going around, I caught it. My skin was a nightmare. Aside from endless breakouts, I wasn’t even halfway through my twenties and I had more visible wrinkles than my 50-something mother.

Incessant doctors appointments, endless antibiotics, psychotropics, and a menagerie of dietary supplements failed to make me feel better. My body was totally off balance.

Countless hours of Googling and self-reflection finally brought me to the conclusion that maybe it was my diet that was making me so miserable. I began to guess-and-check literally every component of what I was eating.

At first I tried eating less sugar, fried foods, and artificial additives. After a few months I went gluten-free, then dairy-free. For several months I was committed to a paleo diet. That’s when I started to realize that there was a direct correlation between the quality of my life and the amount of plants I was consuming.

The deeper I went down the rabbit hole, the greater my infatuation with plants grew, and the better I began to feel. I realized that eating meals made with a diversity of fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, spices, and herbs was the absolute opposite of deprivation. It dawned on me that nutrient-rich meals are the opposite of bland. A greater variety of plant ingredients = more nutrition = more flavor complexity.

Alas, the girl whose daily diet typically included Taco Bell, diet soda, and cheap beer (who once upheld the delusion that eating low-calorie cereal with skim milk and drinking vodka with club soda was synonymous with “making healthy choices”) had somehow evolved into a vegan.

Discovering raw cold-pressed juice was the final missing link in my transformation.

Let me be real with you. When I started working for Raw Generation, I’d never even drank cold-pressed juice before. I was skeptical. Jess (Raw Generation’s Co-Founder and Certified Holistic Heath Coach) suggested I do a juice cleanse to familiarize myself more with the product and experience the benefits first-hand. Silently I brooded, MEH, I’ll give it a go, but I’m already the freaking healthiest person ever… 

Ugh, such arrogance. Is it people like me who give vegans a bad name?

Why Cold-Pressed Juice is the Best

After a 3-day Skinny Cleanse, I was converted into a juice junkie. My skin really was GLOWING, I felt way less spacey, was remarkably more energetic, and I even lost 4 pounds. It wasn’t my intention to lose weight, nor did I expect to... but I had to admit that I wasn’t mad about my dramatically flatter stomach.

Nowadays, raw juice & smoothies are not only a staple of my diet but what I have for breakfast almost every morning (and as you might imagine, we drink our juices all day e’ry day here at Raw Generation headquarters). Keeping a stash of juice saves me hours upon hours of food prep time and has completely alleviated my what-will-I-eat anxiety.

As time progresses and I maintain this healthy habit, it seems as though I’m aging in reverse. I’ve totally erased my premature wrinkles. When I breakout, I increase my juice intake and my skin clears up within a few short days. When I feel lazy or groggy, I drink my greens and instantly feel like a full-functioning human again. The energy I get from dining on meals made with kale all day every day pales in comparison to the energy boost I get from just one green juice. My weight isn’t even something that crosses my mind anymore.

Seriously, whether you want to lose weight, go vegan, supplement a mostly plant-based diet, or just feel better every day, nothing compares to the powerful, instantly absorbable nutrition offered by drinking raw cold-pressed juice!

Written by Nicole Neuhaus

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