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The Real Girls of Raw Generation: Confessions of Hardcore Herbivore

Speaking from personal experience, even a 100% plant-based diet doesn’t guarantee the same awesome results as habitual juicing. Often, I find myself hesitating to use the label “vegan” to describe myself. It seems to have acquired a negative connotation in so many people’s minds. They associate veganism with rabbit food, deprivation, and tofu (side note- soy is the worst for a variety of reasons and I won’t eat it). But I’m far too self-indulgent for any facet of my everyday life to be rooted in a philosophy of deprivation. I prefer to think of myself as a hardcore herbivore. An impassioned pro-plant prophet. A crusader for chlorophyll.  I’ve been vegan for about 4 years now, however, it wasn’t like I...
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5 Healthy Ways to Fall More in Love with Yourself

“If you don’t love yourself, you’ll always be chasing after people who don’t love you either” -- Mandy Hale Self-love is the foundation of true beauty, health, and well-being. Nourish your mind, body, and spirit with these 5 healthy habits: 1. Drink more water! Often we confuse dehydration for hunger and end up overeating. Hydration makes a huge impact on your wellness, weight, beauty, and the rate at which you visibly age.  2. Take more walks. Exercise doesn't have to be strenuous to benefit your well-being. Just a 30 minute walk daily will give you an endorphin boost, tone your legs & glutes, maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of illness, and help alleviate depression. 3. Listen to music that you...
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