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Best Way to Alkalize the Body with Food

As I sat at my computer drinking my green juice, I thought about how often I am extolling the benefits of these amazing drinks.   All health is based on the internal condition of the body. Based upon our diet and lifestyle, we can either be in an acid condition, an alkaline condition, or a neutral condition. Just like we learned in science class, our bodies have a pH. A pH of 7 in the body is neutral.  Anything lower indicates acidity and anything higher, alkalinity.  All foods promote either an acid or alkaline state in the body.  To be healthy on the cellular level, being neutral to slightly alkaline is optimum. Most Americans, however, spend most of their time with an...
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Q&A: What to do about migraines?

 Hi Raw Generation readers! Jennie Fagen, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, here. Each day we receive questions from our awesome juicers (that's you!). We love hearing from you and want to provide you with as much information as possible to help you reach your weight loss goals and thrive!  Every once in a while we'll be featuring one of your questions (anonymously, of course-- NOTE: names HAVE been changed for the blog). You can email me your questions directly at and I'll do my best to respond! Below is our first question for the blog...   Question: Dear Jennie, I suffer from migraines currently and I am working towards trying to be more healthy and also lose a few pounds...
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9 Common Symptoms During A Cleanse

Sometimes Cleansing Isn't All Rainbows & Unicorns When doing a cleanse, our goal is to get those pesky toxins OUT in order to let our body function at its best! Depending on how toxic your body is this process can be gentle or more intense.  This is why we want to fill you in on some of the symptoms that are common to juicers, so you know you are not alone and so you know what to expect.  We'll also share best practices for easing these symptoms before and during your cleanse. Symptoms Common to Juicing: Flatulence & bloating – initially this can worsen during a Reboot for some people, the sudden increase in fruits and vegetables from the many...
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Debunking Bad Advice: Coffee & Juice Cleansing

As I said in the last post, there are lots of people out there with their own opinions about what someone should or shouldn't do before, during, or after a juice cleanse. We already talked about the all to familiar "where do I get my protein?" question, as well as why being hungry isn't a bad thing, but is actually an important part of losing weight with a juice cleanse.  Here's the next biggie... BAD ADVICE #3 Stop drinking coffee leading up to and during a juice cleanse "To prepare for the cleanse, cut out coffee two to three days before." While it is a good thing to cut out alcohol, meat, dairy, and as much processed foods (that are...
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