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The Skinny Girl's Guide to Unwinding

Here are a few ways you can blow off steam, improve your mood, and relax naturally without the toxic empty calories of alcohol: Originally from the South Pacific, KAVA (or Kava-Kava) root can be purchased in a variety of forms including teas, supplements, powders, and extracts. It’s a mild sedative with a traditional history of social, ceremonial, and medicinal uses. Like alcohol, Kava eases anxiety, elevates mood, releases inhibitions, and promotes relaxation, but UNLIKE alcohol, it saves you the empty calories. Kava exerts its calming effects without diminishing mental alertness or transforming you into... THAT girl (you know, the one who texts her ex and loses her purse). If alcohol is your go-to social lubricant or post-work tension-easer, Kava may be...
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Debunking Bad Advice PART 3

Last but not least... 2 more bad tips people are giving out to prospective cleansers.   BAD ADVICE #4 GET A SECOND OPINION Unless you have a medical issue and are consulting your physician, I would advise against getting a second opinion. Most of the time the people around you are not going to understand why you want to do a juice cleanse and will either try to talk you out of it, put it down, or straight out make you feel bad for wanting to do one. These people and their bad opinions should be avoided like the plague.  Remember... opinions are like a**holes; everyone has one and most of them stink. You have your reasons for wanting to...
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