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Slim Down & Perk Up: Why Juice Boosts Your Mood

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For the span of the last month, our customer service guru Amanda has been doing the Juice ‘til Dinner Cleanse and we’ve been tracking her results. A month may sound like a long time to do a juice cleanse, but this method of cleansing is actually sustainable for longer periods of time because of the inclusion of a meal each day.
Prior to her month of cleansing, Amanda had not been eating raw fruit and vegetables, and the lack of essential nutrients was getting the best of her. She longed to lose weight and struggled with difficulty concentrating, insomnia, lack of motivation, and insurmountable low moods. So she decided to start drinking juice every day, directly dosing herself with the highly concentrated nutrition her body was lacking.
The first two weeks, Amanda lost 9 pounds, but as she got further into her modified cleanse, her social life began to cut into her daily routine. Despite that, she always made sure she got in her daily juices no matter what her day looked like. After a full month of juicing ‘til dinner- leaving wiggle room to be social and imbibe on weekends- Amanda has lost a total of 15 pounds!
Aside from her fantastic weight loss results, one of the biggest differences Amanda and the people around her have observed is her mood. She professes that she’s never felt better in her life and that when she drinks a juice, she instantly notices an improvement in the way she feels.

Although a person's mood and mental state is a complicated, multi-faceted thing affected by many variables, I find it endlessly peculiar how often the connection between nutrition and the way we feel every day gets overlooked.The food you eat actually affects neurotransmitter activity in your body and brain, directly impacting your mental state.

Natural production of "good mood" neurotransmitters like serotonin, epinephrine, and dopamine depends upon proper nutrition. If you don't feed your body enough of the right nutrients, you don't produce the neurotransmitters necessary for brain health.

That's why cold-pressed juice can have such a powerful influence on how you feel each day. It's a highly concentrated dose of essential nutrients. Cold-pressed leafy green juice, in particular, is a great source of nutrients that play a major role in the way you feel like folate, potassium, magnesium, and selenium. 

For example…

Magnesium is responsible for the reactions in the brain that make you feel energized, so it’s no wonder that magnesium deficiency is often to blame when you feel chronically foggy and sluggish or are suffering from insomnia. Getting adequate magnesium in your diet also helps improve the quality of your sleep. 

Grumpy? Apathetic? Getting more folate may help! There’s a lot of evidence linking low blood levels of folate to negative mood states. Increasing folate intake can be a very effective way to improve mood and mental clarity. Spinach, orange, celery, carrot, and beet juices are a few great sources of folate. Boosting folate intake helps out with the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine that help keep your mood stable. 

Serotonin plays a major role in the way you feel. It’s one of your brain’s main mood-managers and low levels are linked to feelings of depression, anxiety, and anger. The amount of serotonin you produce also has a major effect on your food cravings (low levels = worse junk cravings). Your body needs the amino acid tryptophan to be able to produce serotonin. Pineapple, spinach, and cucumber juices are good sources of tryptophan. 

Brain fog? Feel like you’re lacking life-force energy? You may be iron deficient. Spinach, beet, and apple juices are all rich sources of iron.
Having low levels of selenium dramatically increases levels of depression, anxiety, irritability, and chronic fatigue. Orange and pineapple juices provide you with selenium. 
Drinking cold-pressed leafy green juice is also an effective way to obtain caffeine-free energy. Vegetables like spinach and kale are exceptionally rich in the nutrients your body needs to have more energy naturally. When you consume these foods in their liquid form, you reap the benefits more quickly because the nutrition is instantly absorbed into your body without the delay of digestion. That means the energy boost you get will be instantaneous!

(You can get all of the above cold-pressed juices in the Juice 'til Dinner Cleanse!)  

Take control of your happiness and mental clarity! Cold-pressed juice is so much more than just a rapid weight loss solution! 

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