Lose Weight with Juice and Keep it Off

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I’ve encountered some inaccurate opinions lately on the effectiveness of juicing as a weight loss method and I want to set the record straight. I often hear “It’s not an effective long-term weight loss method” or “it’s just crash dieting”.

That’s like saying that exercise is not an effective way to get in shape because if you stop going, you won’t be fit anymore. As with any healthy weight loss method, you have to change your daily habits to achieve lasting results.

Here’s the deal: If your intention is to shed a few pounds quickly in preparation for, say, a wedding or a vacation, a Skinny Cleanse is right up your alley. It’s not unrealistic to expect to lose 5 pounds or more (depending on the duration of your cleanse), relieve bloating, and look slimmer in a matter of days. A juice cleanse is also a great way to reboot your body and jumpstart a healthier lifestyle.

That being said, I want to share my own experience since becoming a full-time employee at Raw Generation about a year ago. Without making any other changes to my ordinary routine besides my new juicing habit, I lost TEN POUNDS this year practically effortlessly…. and none of it has come back.

I typically drink a juice or plant-based smoothie once a day either as breakfast, lunch, or for a snack and do a juice cleanse about once every 1-3 months. Keeping one juice on hand makes it so that I never have to worry about finding a healthy option if I don’t have time to prep breakfast or lunch.

How do you set yourself up for long-term success? Cleanse regularly and stock your freezer with cold-pressed juice!

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