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You Can Eat on a Juice Cleanse... Here's How!

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A juice cleanse is the fastest way to slim down in a hurry. But you don't have to do a full-blown cleanse to obtain the benefits of cold-pressed juice and achieve amazing results.

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Last week I encountered our customer service guru Amanda at the office and immediately remarked that there was something different about her. Her entire being just seemed brighter. I noticed right off the bat that her skin was looking flawless. She told me that for several days she’d been doing a modified juice cleanse (juicing all day until dinner) and began raving about her results. We were both totally blown away by how life-altering it was both physically and mentally for her, so we decided it was a necessity that we start documenting her progress.

Although Amanda has done our juice cleanses in the past, she was discouraged to find that she was unable to endure the process without caving to cravings and eating solid food. She thought, “I guess this just isn’t for me”, and gave up on the whole juicing thing altogether… until now!

If you’re like Amanda and you find the prospect of drinking nothing but juice all day to be daunting, you should know that you can radically transform your body from the inside out just by making a habit of incorporating cold-pressed juices into your daily routine. Just one bottle of juice gives you an extremely concentrated dose of optimal nutrition that you would have to eat a ridiculous amount of raw fruit and vegetables to get. You just have to get the juice into your system and the benefits will follow.

If you drink juice as part of your daily routine, you'll provide your body with an instant blast of the nutrients it needs to be detoxified, healthy, beautiful, and ward off excess fat! Naturally, the more juice you drink, the faster and more noticeable your results will be. The key is, you want to drink your juice on an empty stomach so your system is able to immediately absorb and make use of the highly concentrated dose of nutrition. Amanda has been drinking three or four juices over the course of the day and then having a light dinner.

The Results?

So far, Amanda has lost 9 pounds in just over two weeks (and that’s with taking Memorial Day off from her modified cleanse to eat, drink, and be merry!). Her skin is clearer and her under-eye circles are completely gone. She’s been marveling at how much easier it’s been to fall asleep at night and how bright-eyed and bushy-tailed she feels waking up in the morning. That’s not to mention the major boost of energy and amazing mental clarity she’s experienced.

Amanda is going to keep on keepin’ on with her daily juicing, so check back in two weeks for an update on the progress of her transformation!  

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