How to Make the BEST Regret-Free Cocktails

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Indulging in high-calorie alcoholic beverages is one of the worst things for your weight loss goals- even when it’s only once in a blue moon...

That doesn’t mean you can’t party healthier!

Here at Raw Generation, we are passionate about the weight loss, wellness, and beauty perks of living a healthy lifestyle… but we’re human. It's not necessarily realistic to eat perfectly and abstain from drinking 100% of the time.

That being said, at our Citrus Cocktail Juice commercial video shoot this week, we got a little indulgent with sampling our juice cocktail creations.

On their own, our new Citrus Cocktail Juices are amazingly beneficial. But they can also revolutionize the way you party! Making cocktails with cold-pressed juice instead of sugary mixers provides several benefits beyond just being deliciously refreshing.

I was particularly taken aback by how fabulous I felt the next day. I’m not much of a drinker, mostly because as I’ve inched closer and closer to age thirty, partying puts me out of commission for the next several days... and who has time for that?

As we wrapped our video shoot, all buzzing pretty hard, I thought to myself, Well, this will be a true test of the hangover-eliminating properties of cold-pressed juice.  

The greatest epiphany shared by all? Of the four of us that were sipping on mimosas, berry margaritas, and tequila sunrises all day, NOT ONE of us woke up feeling any consequences!

Why Do Cold-Pressed Juice Cocktails Eliminate Next-Day Regrets?

Cold-pressed juice makes for the perfect cocktail mixer, free of processed sugars and empty calories, replenishing electrolytes… AND it’s the ultimate defense against a hangover!

Alcohol consumption triggers the body to increase the production of a neuropeptide that makes you crave fatty, calorie-laden foods. On top of that, it depletes the body of vital nutrients. A malnourished body yearns for foods that are energy dense, and fatty foods are the most energy dense!

Not only does cold-pressed juice arm your body against hangovers, it also fights off those next-day junk food binges that totally derail your weight loss routine. Our fresh juice mixers supply your body with the nutrients that alcohol depletes, and when your body’s nutritional needs are satisfied, your cravings for fatty foods are significantly diminished. The nutrients in raw cold-pressed juice are highly absorbable, instantly providing defense against the desire to eat junk food.

Alcohol also depletes your body of vitamin C. Citrus juices are packed with vitamin C which reduces inflammation and helps break down alcohol!

Mimosa, anyone?

All About the Citrus Juices:

Got weight loss goals? Citrus juices put your body in a healthy state that’s ideal for slimming down!

Fresh & Fiery spicy lemonade is excellent for detoxifying the body! Fresh lemon juice promotes digestive health and will help improve the assimilation of nutrients by the body. It's highly alkalizing, helping to restore balance to the body’s pH which is a necessity when it comes to healthy weight loss. Capsaicin, found in jalapeño peppers, helps amp up your metabolism and burn fat faster!

Our Bright & Balanced 100% orange juice blows your ordinary OJ carton out of the water. Don’t be fooled; due to heavy processing and pasteurization, your run-of-the-mill orange juice is NOT nutritious. Heavy processing destroys the nutrients and natural flavor of the juice. Artificial “flavor packs” that mimic the taste of orange are then added back in to make it drinkable. Gross. However, 100% raw cold-pressed orange juice is amazing for you!

Drink them right out of the bottle OR enjoy the refreshing natural sweetness of our Citrus Cocktail Juices while you indulge and save yourself the miserable next-day symptoms and weight gain so often triggered by traditional sugary mixers.

Ready to make your own regret-free cocktails?

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