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How Not to Overdo The Holidays

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Holidays seem to have become an excuse to let go and inhale as much food and alcohol as humanly possible. No, you don't have to be perfect, but a huge part of being successful in maintaining a healthy weight is consistency matter what the reason. That means being conscious of what you put in your mouth EVERY DAY.  

Here's how to get through the festivities without totally sabotaging yourself!

Healthy Holiday Party Tips:

  1. Drink a green juice before you start drinking any alcohol. You'll definitely appreciate it as the day goes on ...when everyone else is crashing and you feel great! Drink another juice after the festivities to minimize hangover symptoms later on. Get more tips to fight hangovers here! 

  2. Hit the gym before the party. This will boost your metabolism and keep your body burning calories for the rest of the day. 

  3. Avoid eating grains as much as possible. They're full of empty calories that will make you feel lethargic & full quickly. If you can resist stuffing and cookies, DO

  4. Instead of sugary fruit juice or soda, use cold-pressed juice as a cocktail mixer. And remember, vodka with club soda and lime is always a lower calorie choice when imbibing is on the itinerary. 

  5. Minimize your dairy intake! Weight gain, acne, and digestive problems are all side effects of regular dairy consumption. Check out our Dairy-Free Holiday Life Hacks!

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