How ALKALIZING Helps You Lose Weight ...And Be Your Best Self!

When your body is ALKALINE, you:

  • don't think about your weight- it melts off & stays off
  • have skin that glows and strong, shiny hair
  • feel balanced, grounded, and positive
  • wake up energized... like you don’t even need coffee!

What’s your excuse for keeping your body in that rut? If fatigue and junk food addiction are holding you hostage, eating alkaline might just be your salvation. A diet HIGH in alkalizing foods is essential for lasting weight loss, bringing balance to your body, and feeling your BEST.

Your body is always working to maintain its pH level. In an alkaline state, your body works more efficiently because it is using less energy to neutralize acid in the body. Preserved energy = less exhaustion and food cravings = less struggle sticking to your diet and getting your body moving!

Unfortunately, the typical Western diet is highly acidic… and inherently detrimental to your weight loss, health, and beauty goals. Things like meat, cheese, wheat, processed foods, and alcohol shift your body’s pH to an acidic state. In this acidic state, you are sitting duck for weight gain, disease ...and feeling just downright shi**y.

If there a lot of acidity present, your body compensates by leaching alkaline minerals from other parts of your body. Mineral deficiency can trigger lethargy, weight gain, hair loss, bad posture, premature aging, joint pain, constipation, muscle cramps, osteoporosis and even tooth decay.

What's the fastest way to alkalize your body?


Most importantly, consume at least one serving of leafy greens each day.

Here’s a few simple and easy ways to get more raw into your diet:

  • Consume at least one salad of leafy greens each day
  • Drink a green juice in the morning
  • Satisfy your sweet tooth with a colorful fruit salad
  • Blend frozen banana with your favorite fruit to make healthy homemade “nice cream”
  • Snack on sliced vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, and celery with hummus or your favorite healthy dip
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