BREAK THE BAD HABIT: Delicious dairy-free living (Part Two)

There's a *delicious* life after dairy, and it starts with replacing your milk with this…

  • Drink unsweetened coconut, hemp, oat, cashew or almond milk. If you usually put cream in your coffee, try adding a teaspoon of coconut oil for a “creamier” consistency.
  • Use pureed cauliflower or cashews (that have been soaked over night) to make “cheesy” sauces, spreads, and fillings. You can add nutritional yeast for an extra “cheesy” flavor.
  • Instead of buttering your bread, spread creamy avocado.
  • Using a recipe that requires buttermilk? Combine 1 cup of non-dairy milk with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Let sit for 7-10 mins before using.
  • If you rely on yogurt as a source of probiotics, look for cultured yogurts made with plant-based ingredients.
  • Finely grate macadamia nuts to replace parmesan cheese
  • Instead of whipped cream on desserts, use canned coconut milk or aquafaba (the liquid found in canned chickpeas- who knew, right?) to make a light, fluffy topping.
  • Blend frozen bananas to make homemade “nice cream”

... Because going dairy-free should not to equate to deprivation!

(Click here to learn how to make homemade cashew “cheese”) 

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