Cost of Juicing vs. Benefits
Up to 20 million Americans, of working age, don’t work as a result of health problems and/or chronic disease.

From a business standpoint this is a huge loss, with over 400 million employee sick days reported per year. Health care costs, workers compensation, and paid sick days cause both a loss of productivity and loss of money for employers.

Even taking chronic disease out of the equation, there is a vast problem with Americans who aren’t working up to company standards because they just feel awful. Almost 40 percent of employed Americans struggle with fatigue, a huge productivity killer and a major cause of all sorts of illness.

  • Fatigue… costing employers over $100 billion per year
  • Insomnia... costing employers over $3,000 per employee that suffers
  • Obesity… costing companies over $70 billion a year
  • Stress… costing employers up to $300 billion a year

Imagine what the world would be like if companies replaced the coffee machine with a raw juice bar?

Fatigue would virtually disappear in a matter of a day or two. Employees would start losing weight and feel better about themselves in a week or two. Chronic sick days would be a thing of the past.

The benefits are undeniable; more energy, more productivity, happier moods, stronger immune systems, and less sick days.

How much does what you eat impact your productivity at work?

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