The Ginger Burn: What's the deal?

Ginger is one of those foods that people have a love-hate relationship with. A touch can give your food a nice kick, while too much and you turn into a fire-breathing dragon. You ARE pretty fierce, but maybe this isn't your lifelong aspiration to be breathing pure heat. 


Think of that heat ginger gives off, as acting in another fashion.... inside your babelicious body. It acts to "burn out" bad bacteria-- ya know... the kind that is making you sick and tired.

Ginger actually has some very strong anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties that help us stay energized and balanced. This is why ginger has been shown to help with digestive troubles, lower bad cholesterol, and improve blood pressure.

The less bad bacteria you have the more effectively your body can function, and the more effective your body can function the more effectively it sheds excess weight!

Many people notice their skin clears up and don't get sick as much when they introduce ginger into their diet. This is because with the anti-inflammatory properties, our circulatory system gets a boost. A healthy circulatory system also means improved sex drive and improved immune function

Now how do we get it in our system? You can try shaving bits of it into your cooking, OR my favorite way to consume ginger is of course is by drinking juice!

Our Beauty & Brilliance juice is a HUGE favorite of mine, not only because of the ginger but because it tastes delicious and definitely adds a glow to the skin from all those wonderful antioxidants (antioxidants= pigments of color). 

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