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Expect the Unexpected

Expect the Unexpected

So last time I wrote to you, I was planning on doing a juice cleanse to shed those few extra pounds before the wedding I had this weekend. Well, I started it last Monday, and very quickly realized I had dinner plans that I couldn't get out of every night from Tuesday through the wedding Saturday night. Talk about a miscommunication between my brain and my social calendar!

What do you do when your plans change during a juice cleanse?

This is a common problem with planning a juice cleanse. 

Well, I drank my juices during the day and went on with my plans at night (making sure to choose the healthiest option at dinner with lots of vegetables). It wasn't a strict juice cleanse, but I still got the benefits... more energy, clearer skin, and the dress fit perfectly!

If you plan a juice cleanse, but your plans change and you can't be strict about it, just keep the remainder of the juices frozen and you can thaw and drink them at your convenience.

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