Stop Gaining Weight on Vacation

Stop Gaining Weight on Vacation

While Hurricane Sandy is pounding my home state, NJ, I am stuck here in Los Angeles until the storm subsides and I can get a flight out. I was originally out here for a few days to attend a conference, however, now my extended stay has turned into a work/R&R trip. My goal in the next few days is to rest, drink plenty of juice, swim, get some sun, and tap into the creative energy I renewed while at the conference. How am I going to juice while I'm stuck in a hotel room with no juice bars in sight? 

I had shipped myself a package of juices to take to the conference to share with people I met, and I had some of the 100% green juices left over. I bought some unpasteurized apple cider and fresh squeezed orange juice to mix them with. I just had a great idea!  


If you are planning a trip in the US and want your daily juices, we can ship them to your hotel or vacation rental! No more going away and feeling like sh*t when you get home!

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