Fresh Juice w/ No Time Commitment

Over the past couple of years I have made a serious commitment to changing my diet, and more recently my way of life. I went from eating a diet full of heavily processed foods, fast foods, junk foods to a ton of fresh fruits, veggies, and whole foods. This is a big transition to make for a lot of people. It takes time. 

When you are used to eating the Standard American Diet (SAD for short- how appropriate right?!), it can be overwhelming to think about changing from prepackaged everything to having to cook and prepare all your meals. "How do I do that and do everything else I need to do?" At times I felt the same way, although I am more inclined to spend any free time in the kitchen so I would imagine it is more cumbersome for most. One of the things that I particularly had a hard time finding the time for was juicing.

I would start all motivated. This would last about a week, and then the time commitment it took to juice and clean would leave my juicer sitting there often for weeks unused. Then I would get another wave of enthusiasm and start all over again. I was not getting the consistent nutrition I was looking for because of the time and effort home juicing takes. This is one of the reasons we started Raw Generation.

We make this juice for everyone who wants to do something supremely healthy for themselves everyday without taking up loads of their time. We are bringing the concept of convenience to healthy foods- starting with the healthiest of healthy foods... fresh juice.

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