3 Ways to Mix Up Your Juice

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There’s more than one way to consume your favorite Raw Generation juices and plant-based protein smoothies! Carmen, Nicole, and Jessica share their favorite methods of mixing it up…

1. Regret-Free Cocktails

Our cold-pressed juices double as delicious drink mixers that will rescue you from regrets and empty calories. That’s why Carmen’s favorite way to use her Raw Generation juices is to create hangover-free cocktails! The rich dose of nutrition in one bottle of super hydrating juice provides your body with exactly what it needs to combat undesirable next-day symptoms. 

Get a cocktail recipe here!

2. Nutritious Soups

Add a concentrated pop of essential nutrients and fresh flavor to your food! You can use your juices to boost the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes in other recipes like soups, smoothies, and dips. Not to mention, you'll save yourself some fruit and vegetable prep work.

Nicole’s favorite way to mix up her juices? She gives them to her boyfriend (who happens to be a vegan chef) to amp up his soups. Our Refresh & Revitalize juice (green apple, spinach, cucumber, celery, lemon) makes for a fantastic addition to gazpacho verde! 

3. Replace Dairy/Soy Milk

Our plant-based protein smoothies are ideal for replacing your dairy or soy milk (which totally sabotage healthy weight loss). Raw Generation co-founder Jessica loves pouring our Satisfy & Sustain cashew milk over granola. You can also use it to "cream" your coffee! 

(Read more about why you should ditch the dairy
(Read more about why soy sucks!) 

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