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3 Holiday Season Essentials

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Why wait until January 1st to get a jump on a healthier you? Here are our top picks for keeping that holiday weight off, staying energized, and feeling your best throughout the festivities!

1. Soup Cleanse

Our newest way to cleanse is not only a great way to detoxify, keep your weight in check, and stay energized over the holidays, you can grab one these savory-sweet soups for a healthy meal replacement anytime! They're full of fiber to keep your appetite in check and they make a satisfying, optimally nutritious grab-and-go snack for all of that holiday running around! 

Cozy up with a warm bowl or drink it straight out of the bottle. All of our soups are dairy free, gluten free,100% plant-based, raw-vegan!

2. Fat-Burning Skinny Elixir

Get some damage control! Before you go to any holiday festivities, be sure to defend your body against unwanted weight gain; simply drink a bottle of Skinny Elixir thirty minutes prior to eating!

Sound too good to be true? The active ingredient in our Fat-Burning Skinny Elixir is Green Coffee Extract, a highly concentrated source of a powerful antioxidant called Chlorogenic Acid. Chlorogenic Acid not only prevents fat from being stored, it induces the body to burn off existing fat for energy!

We combined the fat-blocking power of Green Coffee Extract with a variety of potent, antioxidant-rich Superfoods to provide the optimal nutrients for boosting metabolism and supporting consistent fat loss.

Learn more about how it works here!

3. New, Improved Protein Smoothies

Satisfy your sweet tooth and sustain your appetite with clean, antioxidant-rich protein! We've revamped our plant-based protein smoothie recipes just in time for the holidays and we can't wait for you to try! 

Use them as a satisfying meal replacement, pre-workout fuel, or anytime snack! We get crafty with our smoothies at Raw Generation HQ, using them as a healthy alternative to dairy in everything from coffee to granola bowls to healthier holiday cocktails...

Our new cashew smoothie recipe is so decadent, it was the star of Z100's Jingle Highball Cocktail! 

The Jingle Highball: Satisfy & Sustain + Cold Brew Coffee + Ciroc French Vanilla

(PS: Did you catch us on the radio?! Listen to Uncle Johnny craft The Jingleball Highball on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show with our Satisfy & Sustain cashew smoothie anytime below. Segment starts a little before the halfway point!)


Have a Healthy Holiday!

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