3 Healthy Ways to Cleanse

With all the pills, potions, and protocols on the market today, people are either extremely interested in cleansing, extremely confused about how to cleanse, or a combination of both.  

What is a cleanse, and why do it at all?

Toxic build-up is often the cause of weight gain and disease in our bodies. Dietary cleansing draws out these toxins, allowing for inner healing and a healthier, slimmer you. Cleansing approaches the body from a fundamentally different perspective than calorie-restricted diets. Instead of counting calories and eating less, a proper cleanse suggests eating nutritionally abundant foods so that the body can purge toxins and wastes that accumulate in organs and weigh us down.

Cleansing is NOT fasting.  An ideal cleanse should involve adequate caloric intake to sustain regular daily functioning, while at the same time, encouraging the body to eliminate toxic waste. This can be done in three different ways, each with varying levels of difficulty – Juice cleansing, smoothie cleansing, or an all raw food cleanse (that also includes the juices and the smoothies).

  • Juice cleansing is traditionally done for a shorter duration of time and promotes fuller cleansing at a quicker rate, while still being nutritionally sound if juice from leafy greens are a significant portion of the cleanse.
  • Smoothie cleansing is usually easier to sustain for a longer period of time, and also promotes full cleansing, just at a slightly slower rate. As long as dark, leafy greens are included in a good portion of the smoothies, this is also nutritionally sound for longer lengths of time. 
  • Raw Food cleansing would include juices, green smoothies, and a wide variety of fruits, veggies, raw nuts and seeds to ensure adequate nutrient intake. This can also include healthy teas and other superfoods. This type of cleanse can be the most satisfying because there are a lot more options.

Cleansing is a prime way to jump-start a healthy program, or a tremendous way to boost an existing healthy program.  No matter which type you choose, you will see very real benefits in your body!

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