How One Day Can Change Everything

How One Day Can Change Everything

I found out I am allergic to most of what I eat and drink. Eggs, dairy, wheat & grains containing gluten, beans, ginger, mustard, and curry are all out.

I can't even explain the emotions that came up when I thought about never eating another egg. It sounds so ridiculous, but I was horrified. I love eggs, and they are in more foods than you probably think. Mayo is out (my most cherished condiment) and most baked things are out- even if I could find ones that are gluten free. After a few minutes of sitting alone (I was traveling by myself) dumbfounded by the news, I decided I had better figure out real quick what I actually can eat.

In a nutshell, I can eat... meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, & seeds. Basically a Paleo diet.

The week following the news I was traveling but decided that since I was aware I was quitting cold turkey. And I literally changed my diet overnight. Since every meal was eaten at a restaurant I had to read the entire menu, find the least offensive dish, make a bunch of substitutions, and then double check when they brought the food out. I am now one of those people. :/

It has been close to 3 weeks. I've dropped 8 lbs almost effortlessly. I say almost because I have been building my habit of daily exercise. Other than the initial weight loss though, I still feel like sh*t, and I have been enormously exhausted and sleeping more than normal. I can only presume that my body is now getting rid of all of the omelets, Triscuits, and mayo that I've consumed over the years. 

Food Allergies & Weight Gain

If you have persistent health issues or are suffering from constant weight gain no matter what you do, I highly recommend getting a food allergy test. It's really simple- you go to a doctor, ask for a blood test to determine if you have food allergies, and wait for the results. Knowing for sure is really the only way of fixing the problem. Trust me, I've tried every dietary theory from raw foods to high protein. Nothing worked because I was eating and drinking foods I was allergic to.

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