Mint Pomegranate Spritzer Cocktail

Happy Friday!!

With the warmer weather we naturally crave lighter foods, fruits, and vegetables. If we look at our ancestors, we would notice they ate with the seasons, and these were the foods that kept their body temperatures regulated. This is why we have cooling foods like greens and berries in the warmer months, and grounding warming foods like onions and potatoes in the cool months.

So why not sync our cocktails with the seasons too?!

This pomegranate spritzer will keep you cool this summer. You can swap out the gun for tequila or vodka, or nix it all together for a much healthier cooling treat. Enjoy!

Mint Pomegranate Spritzer:

1.5oz gin
1 oz lime
2 tablespoons pomegranate seeds
2 sprigs mint
1 oz agave

Muddle pomegranate seeds and 1 sprig mint in shaker. Add gin, lime, agave, and ice to shaker and shake it like TaySwift. Strain into glass and top with soda!

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